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‎5 Best Hair Oils For You

5 Best Hair Oils For You:
1. Coconut Oil: If you need an all purpose oil for your hair that can do only good and no harm then you must try coconut oil. It is the most common hair oil used over the world, especially in India. Its popularity is not without cause though. It is one oil that can do everything, foster hair… growth, take care of dry hair, get rid of dandruff and also give your hair a lustrous healthy black colour. A hot oil massage with coconut oil is the best hair oil treatment you can get for any hair problem under the sun.

2. Olive Oil: Not only is it rich in good cholesterol but also has marked benefits for your hair. It is an excellent oil for hair growth so if you are having acute hair loss problems then you must try a massaging your hair with virgin olive oil every once a week. It also repairs your damaged hair because olive is a great conditioner. You can skip the chemical conditioner after shampoo if you are using olive oil on your hair.

3. Almond Oil: There never was a more miraculous oil for hair growth than this one. Regular use of almond oil can make your hair grow up to 4 inches in 3 months! It has the essential vitamin E without which your hair gets neither nourishment nor length.

4. Castor Oil: Women who have faint eyebrows apply caster oil on them. Imagine what it can do to the hair on your head. If you have dull and thinning hair you must massage it with castor oil. Castor oil fosters blood circulation in the scalp making the hair healthier and stronger. The only warning while using castor is that you need not use generous proportions of it because it is a very oily oil. Just a spoon full is enough to drench your hair.

5. Jojoba Oil: You may have heard of this oil in connection with skin care but it is a great option for your hair too. Jojoba oil gives your hair growth and moisturizes your scalp. The most important benefit however is that it is a non sticky oil. It won’t make your hair oily at all. These natural beauty tips will help you choose the best hair oils for yourself.



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