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10 beauty tips to look your best at the gym

After 20 pounds (9 kilograms) in the last year because I’ve stopped training and I ate my emotions besides, I had to resign myself to return to practice. And that’s hard on the pride of a woman! It is ugly t-shirt and sweat pants, sweaty, with the fat does not melt and this stubborn cellulite!

And in addition, last year, I had the chance to train in a gym for women, which was wonderful: the devil’s appearance, it is us! But then, as I am broken, I returned to the gym mundane mixed well. And as I have chosen a very affordable, it is more than to be surrounded by guys, they are young and muscular (although yes, the gym is more expensive, we will find more old. It’s like it).

So all this got me thinking that I should not be alone in this situation. So I decided to give you stuff for crowds always look your best, even in the gym. These “top 10” tips are also ideal for singles, since the gym is a meeting place as another! It does not restore you may not longer want to train, but at least it will help you feel beautiful when you do …

1) Be nice without seeming to try to be beautiful

Golden Rule # 1: operation incognito beauty. It should look like a natural beauty that does not need makeup to be favored. This is not the time to wear a smokey eye or fuchsia lipstick, it is very frowned upon. Then the tips below will help you to enhance your beauty naturally.

2) Absorb sweat beauty

Have a big slide we sweat dripping into the eye, it is not very pretty, in addition to shedding the makeup. So why the headband cotton terry is essential. Wear it on the front, closest to the root of the hair.

3) is replaced by the foundation something lighter

The gym is not the best place to wear foundation because it may leak or migrate because of the heat and sweat. The best way to have a beautiful complexion is causing you to be self-tanner, moisturizer with self-tanner or tinted moisturizer. The effect is more natural if you’re hot, none of these options is opaque enough to note that migration or shading. Choose a shade that is similar to your skin tone or a semitone dark, but no more so as not to create boundaries, and do not forget to apply on the neck.

If you really want to wear makeup, choose an oil-free version, waterproof and anti-sweat. Yes yes, it exists!And do not apply too thick. Suggestions: Estée Lauder Double Wear Light, L’Oréal Infallible, Clinique Superfit Makeup (Makeup flexible long lasting).

Apply a base foundation could also be an asset. There are Primers that increase the holding makeup and absorb excess sebum. 

3) It is easy on the eye lids and favors the natural look

The less eyeshadow is applied, the better. I recommend a touch of highlighter illuminator applied to the eyelid to open and brighten the eyes without makeup effect. The colors are promoting beige, ivory, white, pink, peach, sand and light bronze.

For a natural look, the gel or liquid formulations are preferred because they are quick and easy to use while having good. Suggestions: Maybelline Liquid Eyes Eyeshadow, Playboy Beauty Liquid Luxe Eye Shadow.

To improve handling, you can also apply a base for the eyelids. 

4) The more the pencil eyeliner

One forgets pencil, which will fade and sink quickly. If you want to highlight your eyes, you settle a lightweight waterproof liquid eyeliner and long-lasting flush with the upper lashes. Suggestion: Blinc Liquid Eyeliner.Also opt for a natural color like a brown or taupe.

5) Mascara or transparent tube

Two options are available to you for the mascara to the gym. There are mascaras transparent gel, which can also be used to set the eyebrows. Transparent mascara give shape and intensify your lashes without one can say that you are wearing something. It gives a little wet look style “I just got out of the shower.”

The other option is to wear a mascara type “tube”. These mascaras are to test everything! 

6) Apply a “lipstain”

The only product that will remain on your lips even after drinking 2 liters of water, is the lipstain. The lipstain is actually an ink that stains our lips as a marker. The ink remains in place without flinching and resist your sweat and your water bottle!

Do not think you put lip gloss or lipstick, it will disappear after a few sips while even lip balm will be found on the neck of your bottle. The lipstain is your best ally. Again, choose a natural color like a soft pink or beige, which will enhance your lips without looking makeup. Suggestions: Outlast Cover Girl Lipstain , Stila Cherry Crush Lip or Red Benefit Benetint.

7) This is not the time to flavor

When you warm and your body will sweat, your cologne or perfume you could give a new twist and unpleasant odor. Satisfy you a good antiperspirant flavored with fruit or flowers. If you really want to spread a fragrant glow, drop a fine mist of water in your toilet in your hair and on your clothes.

8) What non-comedogenic makeup, no occlusive agents and oil-free products

So that your skin can breathe, offer products that do not clog pores. In this way, you avoid unwanted buttons.This avoids the product too rich and fat, or other containing occlusive agents such as silicone, mineral oil, paraffin, lanolin or petroleum jelly for example.

If you go to the gym after work and you still have a full makeup on the face, it is best to remove it, since too much makeup, mixed with sweat, could run into your eyes and irritate or you might buttons.

After training, make sure you cleanse your face to remove sweat, dirt from the air, your hands that you could rub on the face or even fitness equipment which is placed on our faces sometimes .

9) Always lock your hair

A beautiful hairstyle can be very feminine, but the gym is not the place to flaunt your beautiful mane. If your hair falls in your face and they contain hair products, mixing these with sweat can be very bad for the skin, and once again cause pimples. Hence the interest of my tip # 1.

10) Never compare

I know this is easier said than done, since it is human nature to compare ourselves with others, but your self-esteem, be proud of your personal progress instead of comparing yourself with the teacher aerobic. By being yourself and enjoying it positively when you contribute to the health of your body, you release a great inner beauty, which will be felt around you. Smile, smile is the best thing to beautify easily.

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