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10 Facts and secrets about makeup

Pay attention to the things you should know!
10 Facts and secrets about makeup

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1 – Avoid sharing makeup !Especially eye and lip … if you really like change, and want to ask your girlfriends makeup, remember that it is not good for your skin. The most important thing is that you avoid sharing brushes, sponges, brooches, etc..

2 – According to the American Cancer Society, based on available data, there is no evidence that the makeup bring serious complications, such as cancer for example. Although there are products that have not yet been tested, it is not true that these cosmetics increase the risk of disease.

3 – The most recommended are hypoallergenic makeup than normal, for all women. But be careful because this does not guarantee that you can not be allergic anyway. If you are very sensitive, you must be careful. Do not read everything they say, there is no cosmetic product 100% guaranteed!

4 – You have to take off the mask of your lashes while you sleep. But is to prevent wrinkles? No, it’s because it will flake on your eyelashes, which can give itching, allergies, infections and even problems with your vision. Be sure to take off all makeup before bed, especially in your eyes !

5 – For the eyes, it is best not to use liquid or cream makeup, because it increases the possibility of containing certain types of bacteria. You should update your eye makeup every three months, avoiding drawbacks … you know?

6 – There is a myth that nail polish dark stains your skin. But, it is not permanent will go in a short … quiet!

7 – Try on makeup on the wrist? … Yes or no? Before recommending this, but it is most indicated. The color of the skin in that area is so different to the color of your face. Do not fool yourself, and you use the right makeup for you!

8 – It is a myth that all women need to base or blush on your face. In casual makeup you can use a tinted moisturizer, just dust … or nothing, and anyway you will see fabulous.

9 – If you wear makeup, cleaning your face should not be so careful. It is false too!The skin along the secret day fat and oils adhering to dust and dirt, if you wash your face with water only, that dirt will not leave and form blackheads and impurities … keep that in mind!

10 – powder makeup not dry the skin. But what you should keep in mind is that for this type of dry skin is most recommended a liquid base. More hydrate your skin!

Consider these 10 truths about makeup!
Dare to see splendid!


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