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10 Most Simple Remedies for Dark Circles Treatment

Having a darker area under the eyes is the most common problem nowadays that every girl is facing. With dark circles you look exhausted, unpleasant and your face looks dull. The skin beneath our eyes is very sensitive and easily gets affected by surrounding atmosphere and fatigue. There are a lot more factors like inadequate sleep, less intake of water, emotional stress, crying, mental disturbance, unhealthy diet, excessive use of mobile phones and other gadgets, watching a lot of TV, more exposure to sunlight and any kind of allergy. First you have to identify the cause of your problem then go for the right solution. Treating dark circles is not an impossible thing but it depends upon the condition of the dark eyes and second it demands your patience and time. The main problem is that your eyes get tired and sensitive and you have to relax them not only by proper sleep but also from different home remedies.

1: Sleep well and drink a lot of water. It’s the main requirement for getting beautiful bright eyes. Drinking a lot of water will help to refresh your skin and makes it healthier as well.

2: Take 2 Evon Capsules, 1calcium tablet in mash form and mix them with glycerin almost half a tsp. Mix it and make a paste. Keep it in refrigerator and apply it under your eyes before going bed. Wash your face in morning.

3: Use of cucumber, mash potatoes, tomatoes really works and gives a soothing effect to your eyes. You can use any one and cut them in slices and place it in freezer. Now keep it on your eyes for 15-20 min.

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4: Wash your eyes with cold rose water and fresh water 3- 4 times a day.  Rose water works as an antioxidant and will lighten up your skin.

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5: Place a cold spoon or an ice cube wrap in a cloth on your eyes for 15-20 min. This will immediately lessen your dark circles.

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6: Massage your eyes round and round with a good night massage cream. This will enhance your blood flow rate and makes your eyes less puffy and dark.

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7: Always use a good sunscreen and sunglasses before going out as sun rays are very harmful for eyes.

 8: Using aloe Vera gel is also beneficial. Mix it with corn flour and apply its paste around your eyes for 10- 15 min. Aloe Vera works best as moisturizer and skin protector.

 9: Exercise is very important for any one who wants to be fit and healthy. It helps to metabolize your system and increase your blood rate and oxygenation level as well.

 10:  Massage your eyes with Almond oil at night as it’s a good moisturizer. Sometimes one of the reasons for dark circles is Vitamin K deficiency and almond oil is enriched with it. It has anti inflammatory properties.

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