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10 steps to a perfect Bobbi Brown makeup.

Before you start, always moisturize your skin with a cream for her skin condition: dry, normal, oily or combination. For some women it may also be necessary to apply a special eye cream.

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Step 1: Correct.

According to Bobbi Brown, a correction can be much more effective in the face than any other product, it works miracles. It gives a healthy glow and illuminates the problems by removing dark circles. A good correction should be smooth and creamy. There should be two shades below the skin color.

The concealer must also be based yellow pigment .

1) Apply a first correction under the eye using a brush.

2) Then again with a brush to apply the concealer under the eye and in the inner corner of the eye. Tap gently with  fingers to melt texture.

Step 2: Prepare the skin.

According to the Bobbi Brown foundation is the product that we should not want to save anything, because it is essential that it is of good quality.

Bobbi Brown insists to use foundation and powder-based yellow pigments, which are the only ones that appear natural on the skin. Ideally, the foundation should be oil-free and good covering power to cover blemishes.

How to tell if a foundation is good? It’s simple it should completely disappear on the skin, do not be visible. When we try a foundation in store Bobbi Brown advises us to apply on some part of the face out at the store and check the daylight with a pocket mirror.

3) Apply the foundation with a brush or fingers especially on areas of redness or imperfection.

Caution: Do not apply foundation under the eye, where it was put concealer.

Step 3: Set the tone.

4) Using a powder brush, apply the loose powder based yellow pigments in the eye and then the rest of the face to secure into place.

If you want to have a tan, it’s time to apply a bronzer on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

Step 4: Highlight cheekbones.

The perfect blush color is the color What our cheeks wants: the skin is more clear than the blush should be.

5) Make a forced smile and apply with a brush a neutral shade of blush on the cheekbones. Fade to the hair in a circular motion back and forth.

-For evenings or a blush that lasts longer, apply a touch of darker blush on the cheeks over the other.

Step 5: Make-up lips.

6) Apply lipstick or lip gloss with a brush if it is dark.

How to choose a lipstick every day? Its color should be close to your lips.

If you want your lipstick to last long, apply lip liner over the entire lip before applying lipstick. To remove the excess can be used a handkerchief

It can be interesting to play with different shades of lipstick that are at our disposal. Bobbi Brown advises here to have fun with lipstick and blend to find the shade that we like the most and puts us more value.

For example, if a lipstick is too dark it can soften it by putting a more neutral color on top. If a matte lipstick too we find, we can apply the gloss over.

Stage 6: Highlight the lips

7) Apply a pencil on the outer side of the lips .

The lip pencil applied just on the lip allows the lipstick does not overflow. Always choose the same color as the lipstick used.

Step 7: Make-up eyebrows.

Bobbi Brown says eyebrows are the most neglected part of most faces.

Above all, it is important to have well-plucked eyebrows (not too much or not enough), following the natural shape of the eyebrows. Make sure the bow is 3/4 to the outside of the eyebrow. If it’s hard to use eyebrow tweezers correctly, it can be good to go see a beautician twice a year. In our eyebrow plucking, it will define its shape precisely and it will suffice to pluck hairs that grow As the rest of the time.

Shaved eyebrows and drawn rods are fashioned according to Bobbi Brown.

Once the eyebrow is shaved, there are always areas hollow inside.

To address these areas, Bobbi Brown advises not to use eyebrow pencil because it’s too light. She suggests using a shadow of the color of our eyebrows.

8) Using an eyebrow brush, apply eye shadow with small buttons on the base to the tip.

If we put too much eyeshadow can soften by applying loose powder on her eyebrows with a powder puff.

Step 8: Make up eyes

We must bring three shadow colors that go well together: a lighter, using a tone, and dark.

9) Using a brush, apply the lighter color all over the lid of the upper lash line to brow.

10) Then apply the medium shade on the lower eyelid only.

If we put too much powder does not fade with the fingers but apply a little fixative face powder with a powder puff.

Step 9: Highlight eyes.

11) Using an eyeliner brush, apply the darker powder on the eyelid by drawing a line flush with the eyelashes, making sure not to leave space between the lash and eyelid.

We can apply this same powder with the same brush flush with the lower edge of the lashes, ensuring that the top line and the line below meet at the corner of the eye. Careful not to pencil in the line Interior under the eye, it makes it smaller and it is harmful to the eye as traces of pencil eye can reach more easily, and there are risks of infection. In addition it leaves unsightly marks in the corner of the eye.

10th step: Apply mascara.

The cheapest and lengthening mascara is black. For a more natural look, you can choose a brown mascara.We must avoid waterproof mascara every day because it dries the eyelashes but it can be worn for special occasions such as gym sessions or weddings

– If our lashes are straight and want to bend them with pliers, you should always do before mascara because if we do then we risk damaging or breaking the eyelashes.

12) apply the mascara to the base edge of the eyelashes by rolling along the brush so as to separate the eyelashes.

It is better to apply several thin layers a thick layer quickly. Be sure to apply less mascara on lower lashes on the upper lashes.

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