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10 things not to do when you have dry hair or very dry

Curly, curly hair is often dry or very dry in nature. If you want to find a soft and silky hair, follow these 10 rules of what not to put them through …


1. I do not will wash my hair frequently

Dry hair that must be washed once a week(more than twice if you have oily roots).More washed, the more we contribute to the elimination of sebum, making it the driest hair.


2. I do not rub it vigorously my hair during washing and drying

The strong friction when washing not only damage the scalp, but in addition, break and dry dry hair, already fragile in nature. So wash your hair by massaging the hair andgently rubbing the leather lengths. Rinse with warm water (not hot!) And dry without rubbing by dabbing with a towel.


3. I do not use shampoos that do a lot of foam

The popular belief is that the more foam, the better the hair is washed. However,the foam shampoo that contains a lot of detergent, so he “scoured” our hair making them drier and more brittle!


4. I do not démêlerai my hair dry and “brutally”

To avoid breaking your hair, it is better to sort out gently with your fingers or a wide tooth comb (no standard comb or plastic brush) in the shower, and after applying the According conditioner.


5. I do not (or less!) Will use the hair dryer or flat iron

You must use the hair dryer or flat iron sparingly. Do not exceed a temperature of 200 ° C for iron to smooth and remove the hair dryer at least 10 cm. Do not spend more time on the same strand. With a good hair straightener, this should not be necessary!


6. I will not use pillowcases and cotton scarf

These funds absorb sebum from your hair, making them drier. In addition, the friction of cotton textiles break the hair. To avoid this, use scarves and pillowcases polyester satin or, more expensive, silk satin.


7. I do not abuse the straightening, smoothing Japanese (Yuko) and colorations

Japanese straightening and smoothing are very aggressive on the already fragile in nature curly and dry hair. Better prefer a Brazilian smoothing even if the “stiff” effect is less, your hair will be healthier, more relaxed and much easier to smooth. If your hair is relaxed or it undergoes a Japanese straightening, especially do not color, they would be sunk!

8. I will not use (or less!) Products containing silicones

Unfortunately, most products – shampoos, sprays, foams, creams, etc. -. For dry hair contain. These give them a soft and silky … but over time, the hair suffocating under the silicone becomes more dry and brittle!

9. I will not leave my hair without protection at sea and pool

Chlorine pools and sea salt dry hair. To enjoy the sea without damaging your hair, apply protective oils and butters. But be careful not any oils, most can, under the action of the sun, “burn” your hair. Choose UV protective oils such as palm oil, jojoba, macadamia yangu, buruti, sesame (smell a bit strong). Plate your hair back, it gives a glamorous enough “wet” effect on the beach!


10. I eat “anti-hair dry” foods

Eat foods rich in silica, iron and B vitamins (wheat germ, lentils, grains and yeast) and those rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as oily fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel) , the olive oil, and nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds).



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