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10 tips for white teeth

A smile is primarily white teeth! For that you need to spend a day’s work. Many tricks we can get a result 100% white, us to adopt the right solution.

Simple methods to more complex methods, there are a thousand and one ways to maintain the whiteness of our teeth . Use the right products, adopt the right thing and rely on some recipes of grandmothers can help us to keep smiling!

1. Brushing teeth in music for three minutes minimum. We certainly repeat since primary school but who really does?! Three minutes to look in the mirror trying to brush our teeth is not necessarily to be fantastic. A simple trick is to put music during this time, at the end of the song we can finally rinse. You can also end with a mouthwash to optimize our brushing.
2. Electric Thinking: we do not necessarily know, but brush teeth twice electrical eliminates plaque than brush teeth classic. There are many brands with different programs depending on the sensitivity of the teeth or gums. We know what to ask for our next birthday now!
3. Avoided tasks: many foods are real enemies to the teeth white. Tea, coffee, wine, sodas dark … and tobacco which obviously yellow. These substances tend to stain the teeth , the ideal would be to eat only when you are sure to brush your teeth right after or at least be able to rinse the mouth with water.
4. Toothpaste good: just a special toothpaste teeth white which contains microcrystals or polishing agents that have the effect of a scrub on the surface of teeth . There are also light reflectors that will make visually teeth brighter.
5. Trick The grandmother baking soda is certainly the most famous recipe, simply add in a pinch on our toothpaste when brushing. The ideal is to do it once a week. The effect of bicarbonate will erase the tartar on the teeth and give us a feeling of freshness after rinsing. We find a pharmacy or supermarket. Few drops of lemon can have the same effect, here are two cheap solutions to maintain our smile.
6. Exit the pie: descaling a year to the dentist is essential. It can monitor the health of our teeth while taking care of their whiteness, a perfect compromise. Scaling is different from bleaching, it is to remove accumulated tartar on teeth . This using a special device found only in the dental office. Unlike plaque it can be removed by simple brushing. It is essential for health and the health of our teeth . By cons, it will not have the effect of bleaching itself the color of the enamel of teeth . Removed by scaling against unsightly residue.
7. Laundering Yes, but only at the dentist! He will apply a whitening gel on gents with a gutter, it should leave it a while, its action can be amplified using a UV lamp. This technique is actually and directly change the color of the enamel of our teeth .
8. A good red lips when buying a lipstick or gloss is a never tries tint on the back of the hand (this is misleading) but directly on the lips. We prefer at least one shade darker than your natural skin tone of your lips to avoid precisely to highlight certain tasks or unsightly color of our teeth . Avoided at all costs as the color purple plum, aubergine or purple hue which show yellow teeth . For gloss tubes are chosen to blue pigments that make teeth whiter by optical effect.
9. Was taking care of his lips dead skin on the lips there is nothing more unattractive! To get rid of one set of scrubs specifically designed for soft lips because the skin is very thin. Then hydrated with essential oil of sweet almond or lip balm. Lips healthy with a nice pink color, it’s always the highlight of our white teeth .
10. We think chewing gum, but only if it is not possible to brush your teeth . We opted for special gums teeth white crystals that contain assets similar to those that can be found in toothpaste, they will be able to help after a meal or snack, for example.
10 tips for white teeth

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