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18 tips to lose weight easily

To lose weight effortlessly, simply combine a few tips, tricks and advice. These can be used alone to lose a few extra pounds, but also as part of a diet in order to live better.Natural appetite suppressants, fat burners, etc.., Discover what you will lose weight effortlessly.


1. Eat an apple 20 minutes before each meal

The apple is a natural appetite suppressant.Eat an apple 20 minutes before your meal will greatly reduce your appetite.


2. Eat in a dessert plate

If you reduce your portions, the fact of seeing your little portion in the middle of a large plate can discourage you. So take a smaller plate and fill it. Way you eat smaller portions while seeing a pretty full plate, which is good for morale!


3. Eat slowly, eat less

Between when you are full and when your brain that stores this information, it takes 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, if you eat fast, you eat more than necessary. Ideally take 25 to 30 minutes to eat your meal.


4. “We have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”

In everyday life, we are small, light and quick lunch, lunch more or less normally, and we eat a lot at night. Will have to change these habits!

Breakfast is essential. If you do not eat breakfast, you grignoterez all morningand did not come to expect lunch (see point 7). Lunch, eat normally and evening, dine light (at night, the body stores fat). , It lacks however in saying this, the taste is not for children. Exit Choco BN, opt for dried fruits, apples, bananas, etc.. Well, you will come to dinner without excess.

And do not skip any meals!


5. Drink a full glass of water 20 minutes before a meal or a drink

Just like the apple, water is a natural appetite suppressant. This trick will prevent overeating. Discrete, the trick of large glass of water can be used during dinner at the restaurant or to avoid throwing up on snack foods with friends.


6. Shoot everything you eat for a week

This tip will give you a clear idea of what you eat … and you will surprise many cases, it seems to pay attention and forget all the little extras: chocolate bars, soda, cheese eclair chocolate, etc.)


7. Enjoy breakfast

Often overlooked, breakfast is the most important meal. It is essential to avoid snacking during the morning.

It is generally much too sweet, so it can be both salty. Indeed, for a long time, breakfast was salty, it became sweeter than under the influence of the sugar industry. A sweet and savory breakfast is ideal for stall all morning without giving in to temptations. Green tea or coffee, nuts (almonds, dates, dried apricots, etc..), Oatmeal, an egg poached or boiled white turkey will be your friends for breakfast.


8. Drink Green Tea

Green tea has long been known to promote destocking fat and thus weight loss.However, just like coffee, do not abuse it because it causes insomnia and nervousness.


9. Wait 15 to 20 minutes before using again

As seen in section 3, 15 to 20 minutes is the time required for our brain to get the signal of satiety. Maybe have you more hungry, but your brain has not yet registered information. Wait and you will know if you are really hungry!


10. Overdo the spices (turmeric, paprika, pepper, cinnamon, etc.).

In your meals, use less fat (oil, butter), sugar and salt in favor of fat burning and calorie-free spices such as paprika, turmeric, chilli, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, etc. . Better, in fact, eat a chicken breast spiced with turmeric and curry with a dash of lemon and spoon cream light! These spices, slimming advantages of Indian and Asian cultures, will make your much tastier meal (which is lacking in many dietary meals).


11. Drink water regularly throughout the day

Prepare a 1.5 liter bottle of water in the morning and drink it regularly throughout the day. This will greatly reduce snacking.


12. Eat soup before meals

The soups suppress appetite and you will eat smaller portions. Flee soups trade too rich milk, cheese, butter, potatoes and salt and prepare your soup yourself. Especially, do not eat a soup, otherwise at risk of hunger assail you the following and you will not resist the urge to snack hours.


13. Stop eating when you are no longer hungry

Contrary to what you have been repeated since your childhood, you do not have to finish your plate (Tupperware boxes are there to preserve food without making a mess.) If you start eating more slowly, to find less appetizing than early meal foods that your attention away from food (TV, discussions, etc..) then is that you are no longer hungry! Learn to pay attention to these signals.


14. Drink herbal teas draining

Sometimes it is not a weight problem but water retention (legs, ankles, fingers, stomach and / or swollen face). This can be an occasional problem in times of pregnancy or during menstruation or continuous. The teas are then draining your allies. Prepare a thermo with draining herbal teas (dandelion, cherry stalk, couch grass, nettle, meadowsweet, etc..) That you drink throughout the day.You will soon feel much less swollen.


15. Install an iPhone application that counts calories

Many women find it difficult to estimate the calories they need and that they consume. A woman needs 1800 to 2500 calories per day depending on its size, weight and physical activity engaged. Check the number of calories you need with the calorie calculator . Then enter on an iPhone application dedicated to counting calories all the foods you eat, this will give you a very clear idea of ​​work to do.


16. Physical activity without seeming!

This advice is mainly for those who do not have the desire or time to practice a sport. Physical activity is essential, so follow these tips to make without seeming:

  • No car to pick up her wand around the corner!
  • Prefer the stairs to the elevator (unless you live on top of a 20-storey tower)
  • Down one or two bus stations or subway before your stop
  • Enjoy Sunday to walk in a park or in a forest
  • Adopt a Chihuahua to walking twice a day :-)

You will find many other opportunities in your life to do some exercises.


17. The smell of vanilla or cinnamon

Smells of vanilla and cinnamon are known to suppress appetite. There is no cost to add some scented candles or a magic tree in your car!


18. Do not starve!

Sounds paradoxical air, but to lose weight, you must eat! If you starve suddenly, as soon as you return to a normal diet, your body will store fat to face the next famine, resulting in weight regain.

18 tips to lose weight easily

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