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25 rules for online dating

Today internet has become an almost indispensable means of looking for love … This is convenient for those who do not have time to go out, or do not meet many men in real life.Internet increases the chances of finding love, but it is still necessary to ensure that women do not make mistakes that keep men and make them flee.It is for this reason that the book was written “The Rules for Online Dating.”The authors make us a promise: after reading these rules can not support more than ever on the “answer” in the same way!

Rule # 1: Do not replying to ads men, do not send them to the first e-mail.

This is the same philosophy as in the book “The Rules” is applied here. Man must be one who pursues the woman, not the other way … So even if you saw the announcement of a man and that ‘Please terribly, hope with all my heart that you write and do not send him a sign that you like (flash, message, smile etc …)

Rule # 2: Find a good nickname.

Your name is very important, this is practically the first thing that people see with the photo. Attention, it is not recommended to put nicknames that gives the impression of being desperate or nicknames with sexual connotations.Ideally, your username must already provide information on your physique to encourage people to come and read the announcement .

Example: BruneYeuxNoirs31: we have physical details highlighting the person and the number 31, which corresponds to its age.

Rule # 3: The less you do, the better when the announcement is written.

You should not give the impression of having spent two hours writing your ad in detail, instead replying to your ad as if you pressed:

  • Do not answer any questions and avoid above all those who seem too personal or detailed. What is important is the message and the picture is not essential …
  • Write a short text description and neutral (no poetry or text rosewater as “charming young woman looking for the man who will fill his heart with joy” Laugh )

What to put in your ad?

You can give your age, where you live, your emotional status (single, divorced, etc …), your hobbies, your job, your character traits … You do not have to put everything in the above list, one or two sentences will suffice!


Rule # 4: Put a picture of you smiling.

The photo is the most important thing, even before the announcement, this is what men look best. A smiling picture will attract more attention. Also, be sure to use a recent photo (no photos dating from 10 years!) And where you recognize good story to avoid disappointment.

You do not need to put several photos, one is enough, and then when you put several pictures of yourself, you have the more desperate air (as if you wanted at all costs to sell).

Rule # 5: Wait 24 hours to respond to messages

I had a good laugh reading this rule, it is true that when a man like us, we tend to respond in a nanosecond following as the authors say. Smile We abandon all important tasks (work or other) to communicate with our new contender and we struggle to get our computer … Here the rule is to continue to live normally even when a man we really like sending us emails (but if it is possible) and wait 24 hours before answering, EVERY TIME … Good luck, it will go!

Rule # 6: Do not answer the weekend or during the holidays.

Sometimes you have nothing planned the weekend, you hang at home and you’re really bored. The ideal time to go on dating sites, you say? Well no, go on dating sites the weekend is to spend a very boring girl who does nothing in his life that never goes out, not so attractive …

Rule # 7: Write emails light and casual way.

Your emails should be two or three maximum sentences and be as neutral as possible. Avoid too personal (do not talk about your feelings or your problems).

  • Do not respond to men who did not make any effort to send you an e-mail worthy of the name: e-mail with a simple smiley (or other image) without text or a small text like! “Sexy” If a man sends you a post ASV (Age Sex City), do not say no more: it is a rude way to get acquainted with a woman.
  • When a person sends an e-mail and there is no photo on their ad, ask him nicely to send us one, if he refuses the next (it’s hiding something).
  • Do not say the following words in an e-mail: soulmate, marriage, man of my dreams, commitment, all the words of a sexual nature, eg everything about your last relationship.
  • Do not give details on our online dating, tell him that it is new.


Rule # 8: Appear offline to avoid chatting.

The reason why we should not accept the chat is that it pushes us to be too long conversations, which man knows everything about us and eventually tired. Moreover, there is no risk of breaking . rules without realizing it when pussy online The best way is not to chat to appear offline and it has a second advantage: people do not see when and how often you log on.

However, if it is not possible to appear offline, close the dialog boxes that open when a man offers to chat. Do not give them any explanation or excuse, maybe they’ll think you have difficulty using the cat or there is a problem, and they will send you an email instead (if they are really interested).

Rule # 9: Rules for Chat Rooms.

But sometimes go on Chat Rooms can enable us to meet men. But there are rules:

  • Do not try to get noticed by talking about your private life or créeant controversy.
  • Include yourself in the ongoing discussion.
  • Do not call out to a man by his nickname in the hope that he comes to talk to you in private.
  • Do not go talk to a man in private (it is he who must come to you).
  • When a man comes to talk, do not tell him all the details of your life (especially your love life) will offer him anything (number, appointment), wait 20 seconds before answering and disconnect the first.


Rule # 10: Do not be the first to give your number.

Men sometimes want to discuss anything and everything on the net but they are slow to ask for your number. This is not a reason to give them yours. Do not give them your number for two reasons:

  • or they you have explicitly requested.
  • or they gave you their number, in which case give them yours in return.

Rule # 11: If it does not intend to meet you at 4 emails to the next!

If a man has not asked to meet you after the fourth e-mail, do not send him more message and ignore it. There are many opportunities for it is not really single or interested. And if he is really interested, it will give him a little push so he offers to meet you. In this case, of course you can meet him (after 24 hours).

Rule # 12: Find the bad guys behind the screen.

  • Pay attention to men who have a lot of pictures: there is plenty of opportunity for them to be too much in the system of online dating to want a real relationship.
  • Do not be fooled by long messages ignited a man sends you to describe: it may very well make a copy and paste. A man who is really interested in you writing specific things about you or talk to you about your ad.
  • Check nicks: Beware of player nicknames.
  • Ignore the people who send you messages angry or harass you, no justification for following!
  • Do not respond to e-mails that talk about sex.
  • Do not wait for calls from a man who has called you once …
  • If you have doubts about a man, do not continue the conversation. Never give information about his private life (place of residence, employment).

Rule # 13: Do not waste your time with time wasters.

Time wasters are men who do not stop to ask us questions about us. These men are a waste of time, because he always wants to know more about our life (past, present, future), our day but never offer to meet. Apparently they do not look like they love claim but just to talk to people, enough to fill their lives. If you follow rule # 11, you quickly get rid of time wasters.

Rule # 14: Do not force him to drop the email to the phone.

Whether you are in relationship with a man or not, remember that e-mail is as valuable a phone call. Even couples,some men prefer to send messages that calling because it is faster, they are not likely to bother us and they are not obliged to make conversation. Avoid making him implied or ask him to call you. From the moment he offers out at least once a week in advance, either by email or telephone does not matter … It would be a shame to ruin a relationship for a detail like that.

Rule # 15: Pass safety first.

Do not be fooled by appearances: no matter how long you talk to a man, and how it feels to know, you never really know who was affaire.Voici important rules meet safely:

  • Never give your personal information: address, landline (there are reverse directories that allow to find the address).
  • Do not ask him to pick you up or take you back down to you. Do not get in his car and do not go home (once you’re in the car, you never know what can happen).
  • Before appointment, give your loved one as much information about the man you’ll meet: his photo, phone number, time and place of the meeting, the time you need be returned, call after appointment to reassure them.
  • Give him an appointment in a public place, not too close (to not know where you live), not too far from home.
  • Do not agree to go with him other than where you are given an appointment (anyway a first appointment should last only two hours on average).
  • Finally, if for some reason you feel uncomfortable with him, or you find it odd find an excuse to end the appointment (“I have many things to do,” for example) .


Rule # 16: Do not ask about his announcement during the appointment.

Interviewing a man on his announcement for the appointment to find a topic of conversation is not conseillé.Déjà because mostly men write boats phrases such as “I think communication is very important in a couple “, just because they think that’s what women want to hear. Then, because once they have written their announcement, most of the time they forget very quickly what they have marked … Finally, because remember the details of the announcement it will show an excessive interest on your part and it will leak. Instead, once you read his announcement, he forget to faster and try to find out in person, this is how we know him better …


Rule # 17: Do not sleep with him in the first, second and third visit.

Why not sleep with him from the beginning? Because you’re not sure to be in a serious relationship with him and you might see it go as soon as he got what he wanted. More sleep from the start with a man who was really interested, it loses the initial interest he had for you and want you to know. It is best to wait at least until 6 th appointment or even a few months.



Rule # 18: Disappear between appointments.

The most important moments you spend with a man are appointments, no past to talk by mail or phone time. Instead, it should be clear from the appointment so as to cause a shortage and give him the desire to meet again. This is not by sending short messages to remind him that you exist that he will think more of you, on the contrary …

Rule # 19: Let your ad online until you are sure to be in an exclusive relationship.

Many women withdraw their ads early. They met a man with whom they began a relationship and say as appearing online would be rude to him. They also think it is a good proof of affection from them and it will be affected. In fact, the opposite happens:. It scares people because it shows them that we want to engage with them the rule is to leave your ad online as long as you do not asked to remove it and did not remove his. should be aware that many men continue to flirt online even when they are just starting a relationship, as long as they are not sure that c is serious.

Rule # 20: Do not get bogged down in fanciful online relationships.

The fantasy online relationships is when we take pleasure to talk with a man and we realize that it makes no effort to move to concrete things: there is no hurry to ask for our number phone or meet us. Or he finds excuses not to see us (he is busy), or scroll to the last moment (he is not ready). Do not coax its way, it is surely not interested. If you follow rule # 11, this is the best way to avoid frivolous relationships.

Rule # 21: Never meet a married man, even online.

Sometimes, there are married men who register online for “escape” some of their daily life and their marriage. Some are honest, they clearly say they are married. For them, do not engage in dialogue with them, no matter if they say it will not with their wives and they want to leave, they still live under the same roof! Do you really feel guilty of the destruction of a couple? There are other single men who they really are available to you then wish them luck in their marriage and ciao! Sometimes men lie and do not advertise that they are married, how to spot them?

  • They do not give you their private number or landline.
  • They connect late at night to talk to you.
  • They are rarely available to go out on weekends.
  • They offer appointments at the last moment but never in advance …

Anyway, following all the rules you will have more chance to escape to married men because you do not agree to the appointment last minute and it does not suit …


Rule # 22: Do not destroy your relationship because of online flirting.

There are women who are perfectly filled a couple but who ruin their relationship because of an error that could be avoided. They enroll in online chats because they are bored in the absence of their partner, or they are looking for people who have the same interests that. The problem is that talking to men online, and have an affinity with him can go very far without being noticed. And if your partner finds out, you will find yourself alone, your online flirting will not there to comfort you … So if you are in a satisfactory relationship, do not take that risk.

Rule # 23: Do not be jealous of girls who do not follow the rules online.

Girls who make online dating without following the rules are apparently most requested, meet more people, have a hectic life. But look at their results in the short term, they find satisfying relationships or end up alone and they always disappointed? By following the rules satisfaction on long-term goal, not relationships that last a few weeks or less, is quality and not quantity.

Rule # 24: Keep a journal of your experiences online.

Keep a diary of online dating can not become “amnesia” when our way to meet people and can allow you to spot our mistakes and adapt your behavior. Depending on your preference, you can fill the book every day or every week.It may be interesting to pass the rules review and note the ones we followed or broken and what results were obtained.

Rule # 25: Do not break or do not to bend the rules online.

Why not break the rules? Because breaking a rule encourages you to break others, but also because breaking one rule can affect the future of the relationship with a man and even to flee or disappear. Rules are based on the observation human behavior, if you do not follow by saying “it works anyway!” thinking that you can beat the system, you will find that in the long run it does not work …

Additional tips for online dating.

  • When you are registered for a long time, try to update your ad online or replace the old with new to appear in the new profiles.
  • If you travel a lot, you can change your profile on city one week in advance to have more chances to meet men.
  • Do not change the topic of messages sent by the men when you answer, it shows that you are giving too much.Also, do not change the color or style of writing.
  • No need to thank a man by message after the appointment.

Plan B: For those who have trouble applying the rules 100%.

For those who have trouble applying the rules to the letter, it is better to implement the plan B to avoid doing anything!

If you’re struggling not to respond to ads for men.

You can do this but in this case follow all other rules: do not give him your number, do not ask to see it, put 24 hours to respond to emails. etc …

If you do not want to put your picture in front of everyone.

Put a good description of your physical, you can include the name of a star that you look in your nickname, it speaks immediately to men.

If you are unable to wait 24 hours before responding to e-mails.

Wait at least 4 hours in order to show him that you have a life outside of him.

If you want to accept cats with men.

In this case, do not invite people to chat, the initiative must come from them. Do not talk too long and end the first discussion.

If you want to connect the weekend.

You possibly can log on Sunday but especially not on Saturday!

If you are away and want to visit him three times before.

You can go see it but only once he has visited you the first time. But make sure he comes to see you more often than you later.

If you have trouble writing light and neutral emails.

You can mail in the first to give a few details about your work or family life, but not your love life.

25 rules for online dating

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