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27 Situations shows a man is interested?

The question that many women ask: how do you know if a man is interested?It is rare that a man who looks at you, say so clearly.But if you recognize the attitude of a man in one or more of these situations, there is a good chance that he liked you!


He finds an excuse to ask for your number or give you his.


He calls you or sends you messages from time to time and “worries” when it no longer has you.


He is interested in your life, it asks you questions.


He readily agrees to help you when you ask him a favor.


It makes innuendo by saying phrases like “I love to spend more time with you.”


It is hard to sympathize with your friends or when you see friends they’ll say “I’ve heard a lot about you.”


When you see he cares about you, looking at you, talking to you and making jokes to make you laugh: he does everything to get your attention.


He plays “Mr. Solution” when you talk to him a problem: it gives you a way to solve or help you to do.


It makes you compliments on your appearance.


He spends a lot of time with you and do not see the time pass with you.


He never tired of you, he wants to see you and let you know. It offers concrete opportunities to see you again: parties, entertainment etc …


It makes you feel that you are unique: it flatters you and gives you a sense of importance.


He goes into a long speech and likes to tell you the details of his life.


He boasts of his exploits that you admired and you were congratulating. He wants to hear you say that he is the best.


It manages to be alone with you, even when you are in a group. In the evening, he seeks to isolate with you to have more intimate conversations.


It becomes awkward in your presence: he trembles and he stammers, he completely loses his means as he is usually very comfortable. He does not understand what is happening.


He tells you and you repeat that is single and he wants a stable relationship. You expressed his loneliness and his desire to build something.


It touches you or touches you often: the hand, arm, back …


When you have pain somewhere, it offers a massage or otherwise it will request one when it hurts.


He often invites you to dance and the opportunity to get closer to you.


He loves to annoy you, tease you, tease you. “That tough love” as they say!


Either he did everything to escape your eyes, or he stares at you as if to solve a mystery.


It demeans in your presence. It puts you on a pedestal and you understand that he feels no one beside you.


As soon as he sees you walk into a room, his eyes light up. He only has eyes for you and stops talking. It is sad when he sees you leave.


It seeks to know nothing of the air if you are single, you either plaintiff or by inquiring with your friends.


It spoils you by paying you to eat or drink or by offering touches.


He shows himself embarrassed or jealous when you talk to him for another man or you get hit on.

27 Situations shows a man is interested?

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