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5 tips to get more beautiful lips

Often they treat the skin of our face, or that of our bodies, but sometimes many of us neglect our lips. However, simply taking care, can significantly improve their appearance. Here are some basic tips to help you be proud of your lips advantage.

1. Night care

We now know the principle creams day and night to the face. So why not do the same for our lips?

Just apply a good moisturizing balm religiously quality every night before going to bed will make a HUGE difference in the appearance of your lips. They will be drenched in moisture, making them more swollen, streaked months and months ridées.Et not be frugal on the lip balm. We apply a very generous layer and above the skin around the lips. It does not matter that it sounds weird, it’s dark and nobody sees you anyway.

2. Day care

Day, choose a moisturizer with a sun protection factor. If the sun can prematurely age the skin of the face, it is the same with that of the lips. There are more on the market gloss and balms with SPF. And the higher it is, the better. I believe 15 would be the minimum for our Nordic countries, and 30 if you are traveling in the sun. During my trip to Cuba last year, there is a day where I had applied balm SPF 15. Arriving at my room at night, I found that I had caught a sunburn! So the lip protection is paramount.

If you wear a lipstick color and opaque coverage, it is not necessary to wear sunscreen, but do not forget to reapply often do not expose the skin on your lips.

3. Scrub

Exfoliation of the lips is still unknown, but once you discover it, you can not do without.

It will be useless to the most beautiful or the most beautiful gloss lipsticks, if you have dead skin on the surface of the lips, the effect is never pretty. Lips very smooth, it is known, look fuller and younger. Lipstick or gloss always looks favored on smooth lips. The fact exfoliate lips at least twice a week will help a lot.

Forget the stuff grandmother of the toothbrush. It irritates the lips for nothing, and in addition it does not remove the dead skin well.

You can buy scrubs specifically designed for the lips, or take a good exfoliator gentle face, which contains many granules (small area is to be covered, if there are too few logs, it will not work well ). You can also design your own lip exfoliant home by mixing sugar with olive oil. Rubbing very gently with your finger for about a minute, and voila!

4.Éliminez bad habits

We must never, ever pass his lips. This usually dries much lips. And it is worse during cold weather. In doing so, we find ourselves inevitably with dry lips and cracked, with dead skin.

I noticed that with a lot of lipstick and gloss, there is less desire to moisten. I myself bites me and moistens the lips more often when I’m not wearing makeup.

This avoids the cigarette. I know this is easier said than done, but I could not miss. It is known that smokers are very often very wrinkled lip contour after many years of smoking. So already trying to reduce, or if you are not capable, less pinching the lips during the procedure will improve a little our fate.

5.Use the lip makeup moisturizer and plumping effect wet and / or pearl

Several gloss and lipsticks are drying. By opting for products with moisturizing properties, our lips are constantly pampering. And if we add repulpantes virtues, we help them to be the maximum of their potential.The most common ingredients in the products are plumping hyaluronic acid microspheres (one of the most effective), marine collagen micro-spheres or marine collagen and peptides.

At the visual level, the wet gloss or pearlescent effect give the illusion of fuller lips. They can be used alone or superimposed on a lipstick, affixed to the center of the lips for a volumizing effect optics.

Some lipsticks contain more pearls than others. Reflecting the light, they give the impression of more generous lips.

A little trick house using a very pearly eyeshadow and / or metallic colored like pink or peach, and apply in a key with a finger in the center of the lips and then superimpose a gloss transparent. Glamorous lips guaranteed!


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