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8 things not to do before marriage

The list of things to do before the wedding, all brides think about it, but things to avoid before D-day, what is it? So 8 things discouraged just before the wedding.

8 things you should avoid before the wedding - Photo Antonio Saucedo photos

8 things you should avoid before the wedding – Photo Antonio Saucedo photos

If you want everything goes well on the day j, nothing like follow these tips! By avoiding these 8 things a week of your wedding, thank you!

◊ Getting a new hair color

Even if your hairdresser is top, do not change the hair color to a week of your wedding.Impossible to know exactly what the final color will look like and whether it will go well with your skin texture.

◊ Cut your hair consistently

Testing wedding hairstyle and makeup can do three months before the wedding, which is why you must keep the same length as trials. Texture and pinned your hair that might change if you cut them, it could denote your wedding dress , your veil or accessories.

No great change of hairstyle before the wedding - Photo: Sonia Romero

◊ Drinking too much alcohol

Strongly influence alcohol calories, limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages so you do not feel stubby in your wedding dress . stop drinking and ideally 2 weeks before the D-day.

◊ Exercise

Playing sports is good, but try a new question! This is not the time to experiment with new movements that may damage your muscles or cause pain. It would be a pity not to be able to dance the night !

◊ Test UV

Today you can get a tan in the shower. Although this is very healthy and that tanning is often perfect, it is possible that tanning is not uniform and the color is missed. That’s why we recommend that you not try it a few days before D-day.

◊ Last minute changes to the makeup

Testing makeup wedding are very important because they allow brides to get the result. But the day approaching, many do they have a shot of stress and think that makeup is insufficient or too garish. That’s why you need to speak with your makeup before the big day and haveconfidence in it.

Do not change your style of makeup before D day - Jesus Padilla Photo

◊ Skin Care

good scrub will make a baby’s skin, but please do not get into such an operation a week before your wedding! Many women face extremely red and irritated after a few days and it puts to ease. Do not change your beauty habits, you may have some reactions.

◊ Make short nights

Besides the lack of energy that cause the lack of sleep will also see on your face. Rings and mine might be bad implementation. Sleep well to be on top of your wedding day.


Photos of Antonio Saucedo photos, Sonia Romero, Dennis Berti and Jesus Padilla Fotógrafos of America

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