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8 tips to moisturize your dry lips

8 tips to moisturize your dry lips

At this time of year from drying and cracking of the lips is not something strange, quite the opposite. Changes in temperature, cold or too much sun will resacando and weakening our lips.

Mood Today we give you 8 good tips to hydrate yourself:

1 – Moisturize your lips with honey or jelly, several times in the course of the day
2 – Drink plenty of water, about 2 liters per day
3 – Avoid bites than yourself without realizing you can get. This weakens the area and promotes dryness
4 – Use moisturizers for lips, stick. Contain petroleum jelly or cocoa butter, which are ideal to get your smile
5 – Beware of the Sun! Apply sunscreen whenever specific UV lips
6 – Apply moisturizer rich in vitamin A to your lips, every night.
7 – Do not use paper towels, especially when you’re in a period of lips with cracks
8 – Avoid smoking, as well as being detrimental to your health, weakens your lips and causes many diseases in the area of your mouth, among other things

You’ll have a perfect smile!

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