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A beautiful mine, even after the summer!

Our advice to keep a nice complexion and a healthy glow to the back.
The return is true, but not the issue of losing our hard-won golden tan in our tanning long …
Cleanse and moisturize your skin:
Think first that hydration is essential. To do this, nothing better than a light scrub to exfoliate your skin smooth. Use once or twice a week, you will get rid of dead cells and cleanse your skin of impurities élimant (Exfoliant with three roses Nuxe drugstore about 18 euros).
Complete this scrub with a moisturizing mask that will leave you fresh and radiant (Mask Hydrating three roses Nuxe about 16, 50 euros drugstore).
After cleaning your skin, a moisturizer or an after-sun care is needed. In this regard, care prefer tan extender, which slightly enriched tanning help keep your colors a little longer, without turning to orange (tan extender Milk Monoi Lovea, about 7 euros in supermarkets).
Do not hesitate to use capsules to promote tanning. These snuff before and during exposure to help prevent sunburn and snuff after exposure help keep tan longer.
Eat properly:
Little extra tip, choose in your diet, foods containing beta-carotene (carrots, spinach, melon …) that promote the conservation of tanning and skin radiance.


A beautiful mine, even after the summer!

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