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A Complete Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you are looking to have some complete eye makeup tutorial, then here is this post that will give you a clear idea as to how to carry an eye makeup tutorial! We have seen that eyes have always been an important part for any girl; if your eyes are without any makeup touch then your face will ultimately look dull and boring.

A Complete Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you want to have an appealing and a sizzling look then make sure that you go through this post, this post, will give you some fine details with regard to the perfect eye makeup!

  1. You have to start with a clean slate. First, wash your whole face and rub a little moisturizer underneath your eyes.
  2. Then apply primer to your eyelids. Now even out the skin tone around your eyes and start applying a concealer under eye circles!
  3. You can use your fingers or a concealer brush in order to blend the makeup outward to your cheekbones and nose.
  4. Now apply eyeshadow. You have to apply a medium color on your eyelid and apply a light color on your brow bone. Then apply a dark color on your crease. You have to go from the outer corner of your crease.Make sure that you blend the colors. One thing needs to be kept in mind that the blending of eye shadows should be done in a perfect way and manner so that you might be able to get a perfect and best tone of an eyeshadow.
  5. Now apply eyeliner. You can make use of liquid eyeliner and a liner pencil.You can go for various and many shapes of an eyeliner, the application of an eyeliner is one of the most dramatic steps of this eye makeup, make sure that you come up with some best shape while applying the eyeliner because eye liner is the item that will give more appealing look to your eyes.
  6. Now, curl your lashes. You should make use of an eyelash curler so that you can grip your upper lashes. Finally, apply the mascara and you are all done with your eyemakeup!

This is the eye makeup tutorial and we are sure that all our fans out there will now have get a clear and better idea that how they can have best and perfect eyes!

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