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A new mascara designed to “doe eye” – Evaluation

Here is the new mascara Lash DNA Smashbox. This mascara has been designed to make lashes style “doe eye “. In addition, he would like to strengthen the lashes properties and repair their damage. I tested this new kind of mascara and here are the results.

Mascara Lash DNA de Smasbox

Lash DNA of Smasbox


Category: Mascara

Name: Lash DNA

Brand: Smashbox

Price: Around $ 34.50 CA / estimate = 15 €

Overall Rating: Évaluation 3 étoiles et demi

Key Features:

-Brush can be used both horizontally and vertically

Formula-proteins and amino acids that repairs and strengthens lashes

-Reach, curls and thickens

Available Colors: 1 – Jet Black

Description officiell e: Mascara future. Smashbox Cosmetics has pierced the science to develop eyelashes Mascara Lash DNA, a generic formula that revolutionizes makeup.

The genetic fingerprint of Lash DNA includes a complex of proteins and amino acids that binds the lashes, creating a mega-length and curvature, while moisturizing and repairing past damage to the lashes remain strong. The double helix brush lengthens and separates each lash, whatever its original length, to get the ultimate effect fan.

One layer provides dramatic long black dress. Soft eyelashes, Lash DNA strengthens and lengthens lashes for defying genetics.

Personal evaluation: I found the double helix brush very amusing at first. I wondered how to use … By following the instructions imaged on the box, I finally figured how it works.



We begin by applying mascara as usual, with the horizontal brush, then turn the brush vertically and stretches the lashes from the center to the top, with the tip of the brush. Finally, we always use the tip, but the diagonal to direct the lashes to the outer temples for a feline look.



At first, I found the technique a bit complicated, but force me to exercise, I finally understood. To be honest cons, I never managed to make me stain technique without the lid and put me everywhere. In addition, I found it was a little packet. It seems that I’m not good at applying mascara this way. It made me the same thing with Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes. Finally, I am not prepared to say that the result is sensational, but it is still interesting.

The dress is interesting, and the formula does not flake, stains or smudges. To see if my eyelashes were actually repaired and strengthened, it would probably take that I test tube full, which I obviously can not afford (too much mascara test, poor me, o)).

For side bending and stretching, I quite agree. By cons, for the next volume, we revert. After 4 or 5 layers, I thought I could not do it. This is really a lengthening mascara and curling, not thickening.


-Brush which is used to apply the mascara in all directions

-Deep Black


-Good resistance

-Cilia remain flexible throughout the day


Application Technique-a bit complicated


-Made a few packages

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