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Abaya dress stylish collection

Abaya dress is a traditional garment worn by Muslim women, preferably in the Arabian Peninsula. Abaya covers the whole body except the face. Typically, black abaya and used with a black niqab that covers the face except the eyes. Abaya is a very traditional form of hijab.

A abayas  is a wide , lightweight robe wearing black dress on some women , especially the countries of the Arabian peninsula . Its function is to protect from summer heat , creating an insulation layer over most of the body, and has added to the exterior to protect the clothes from dust and sand , as well as color loss by strong sun . The abayas does not cover her head , but you can take it with another piece that does it .
The abaya dress is the piece that is placed above all other garments , the outer . It is shaped like a traditional Arabic dress modest , as the rich and beautiful was below and to follow the principles Muslims appear discreet and modest with others. The traditional abaya dress is black , but there are other colors , especially dark . Men show their discretion and modesty also wearing ice syllables simple white or raw .
The door is very abayas in Saudi Arabia and around the Persian Gulf , where the covers for the upper classes are very elegant . It is also a traditional dress in Lebanon , Syria and other Middle Eastern countries in general , which is a traditional garment that still carries the day to day today for both men and women .

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Abaya dress stylish collection



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