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Advice beauty tips for having a star smile

Have you always dreamed of having a smile as bright as a star? Plurielles.fr you book 7 tips for finding extra-white teeth and a smile at the top.

1) Brush your teeth after every meal

This advice may seem very ordinary but a beautiful smile is first obtained through a perfect oral hygiene. After each meal, it is necessary to perform a thorough brushing at least three minutes. Brushing your teeth correctly prevents residue that you have to eat only stuck in your mouth and stain the enamel of your teeth .

2) Chew a piece of gum after meals

If you’re at work and you do not have time to brush your teeth at lunchtime, think chew sugarless gum. This is a good solution to remove food debris stuck in your teeth .

3) Avoid foods that the yellow teeth

Reduce your intake of coffee and sodas to avoid tarnishing and yellow your teeth. If you do not succeed, remember to drink your soda with a straw to avoid the drink comes in contact with your teeth . Obviously exit smoking. We can not say enough but besides being unhealthy cigarette destroys the enamel of your teeth and yellowed badly.

4) Find the teeth bright

Once a month, remove tasks encrusted with a rotary polisher tip. It makes a hazelnut paste abrasive and is happening on the teeth . Your baby teeth are then again smooth, shiny and clean.

5) Use baking soda

After purchasing your pharmacy baking soda, sprinkle a little on a brush teeth brush moistened with you baby teeth. This will allow you to find a nice white. Please do not abuse this technique does not damage the enamel of your teeth and gums.

6) Perform a scaling

Once a year whisked away to your dentist. It is more likely to make the right care to restore a glow to your teeth . Ask him to make a scaling to get rid of superficial tasks.

7) Choose the right lipstick

If you have teeth a little yellow, avoid lipstick color purple, browns, reds and oranges cold that accentuate this defect. Prefer poppy colors or soft pink and opt for gloss textures
Advice beauty tips for having a star smile

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