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Ali Zafar announced his fantasy project on his birthday

Ali Zafar is in place for its role in reviving the Pakistani film industry and make films that are not only pioneering in their narrative and aesthetics, but also significant. To realize its vision, the actor unveiled what he has planned so far. Pakistani superstar Ali Zafar, who repeatedly expressed his desired to produce a feature film, finally announced his dream project for his birthday, May 18. Ali Zafar is not only produced the film, but will also act as a role foreground. The female lead is yet to be decided.

The direction of the film will be made by Imran Babur, which is one of the most respected names in Pakistan in visual storytelling. “I am very happy and I feel lucky to have found a great director and a talented and experienced team to translate a dream into reality.” Said Ali Zafar.

Ali Zafar

The film is based on an action-packed drama. The execution of the film is set in the northern areas of Pakistan, and will be shot on real locations. Ali love the mountains, and is eager to start shooting a movie at the earliest. The film is expected to go on floors by the end of summer this year in 2015. In addition, the film will be listed for a press theater in the world by mid-2016.

Pakistani Super Star Ali Zafar

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