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All About Addams Family

Do you want to know about Addams Family? Well if yes then we are sure that this article will going to help you a lot with it! In the past there was a family who was not so much found to be normal. They had a hand that walks in the region of on top of all fingers is named as being Thing. Gomez was the father and he started thinking that his brother had left the home forever and he will never going to come back again as ten years have been passed away. At the same time all of their children started practicing shooting arrows at the apples on top of each others heads and holding a lightning rod in the lightning storm. Lurch was the main chef of the family who used to cook lunch for them. Gomez used to spend the day shooting golf balls at the neighbors house in the company of his wife named as Tish.

All About Addams Family

All About Addams Family

Introduction of Addams Family

                     Some of the lawyers visit Addams family. They wanted to talk all about the Gomez’s account with him. They have a contest to get things started one more time. Mrs. Thornberry and her son named as Gordon have come back so that they can demand the money back. They planned to shave off Gordon’s head and dress him like the long lost uncle Fester. In this way they will be getting back all the money that is owed to them from the banker. At the night when the whole Addams family holds a seance to come across uncle Fester then the Gordon shows up at the ideal time in support of them and dress him up like the uncle Fester. Fester was not aware from this whole story and secret password. He was not even aware from the fact that how they will be getting Chinese finger trap which was his much loved party favor when he was 10 years old. The whole family started thinking that he is a fraud.

Gordan mother was insisting that he should stay back home and take the gold instead of going. After thinking for long time he decided to come to the play. His mother arrive at the spot so that she can help him in carrying away the gold but the creeping vines get a hold at her since he doesn’t open the door. So this was all about Addams family 2014! Do you find it interesting or not?

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