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All about Hair Removal Cream

Less painful than waxing, shaving more effective than … Depilatory cream is pretty good reputation. But do we know exactly how to use and how to conserve?We wanted to know more about this method of hair removal.

How to use
Depilatory cream is applied on dry skin. Spread a thick layer on the area to be treated using the plastic spatula sold with depilatory cream.Leave for a few minutes and rinse immediately with jet shower. Clean your skin after using this type of product. And then use a moisturizer or cream anti redness for complete hair removal.

  • – The hair thickens less than a razor: the principle of depilatory cream is to destroy the hair and not cut at the root as the razor. Assets that comprise alkaline cream have the effect of destroying the keratin that creates the hair. It therefore has no reason to thicken. But be careful not to move the plastic spatula that should help us to remove the product too close to the skin or with too much pressure. This action will cause the hair cut, it will be identical to the passage of a razor.
  • – Ideal for girls pressed (or between two appointments with the beautician) depilatory cream can be used in the shower, no need to wait until your beautician releases. The exposure time is relatively small, so in less than 10 minutes you can find our baby’s skin.
  • – Ideal for small budgets: a jar of depilatory cream lasts at least as long as a razor, and less expensive than waxing institute.


  • – The smell: the smell of depilatory creams is usually a bit unpleasant.Although lately there are with perfumes that can make you want on the packaging, the smell remains the same (a little chemical).
  • – The risk of irritation: the cream is applied directly to the skin and must stay a few minutes to be effective. Sensitive skin may experience a slight tingling rather unpleasant.
  • – The rapid regrowth of the hair: the hair will start to recover after 3-4 days, so make sure to maintain the areas to be treated with this method of hair removal. Therefore, the depilatory cream is mostly a palliative between waxing.

All about Hair Removal Cream

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