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All about Hennas: With Lots of Henna flower designs

What color is hennas on the skin?
The color of hennas on the skin varies from orange-brown to dark brown, sometimes burgundy, depending on the nature of skin and location of the tattoo.

Will he risk of allergies?
Natural hennas is safe when prepared without chemical additives.

What is black hennas?
Black hennas is not a natural product. It contains the paraphenylene diamine (PPD). This product is very harmful to health and causes some people skin more or less severe reactions. The use and marketing of black hennas PPD was banned in France since September 2005.

What is the duration of a hennas tattoo on the skin?
The average duration of a hennas tattoo is 1 to 3 weeks, depending on where the tattoo is located (it stays longer on the feet than on the hands, for example), the nature of the skin temperature body. It gradually fades after a while before disappearing completely.
To keep your tattoo as long as possible:
– Do not over wash the part where the tattoo
– Do not apply fat products (cream, oil …)
– Do not scrub and waxing (except the tweezers)

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Henna flower designs,hennas

How is it applied hennas on the skin?
Sandya performs each hennas tattoo entirely freehand without stencils, using an applicator bottle with a fine metal tip or a plastic cone, which allows you to make drawings of great finesse.

On which body parts can you do a hennas tattoo?
A hennas tattoo can be made on any part of the body but the best results will be obtained on the hands and feet, where the color is darker.

What type of opportunities can be done hennas?
Hennas is practiced primarily for engagements and weddings, for the bride and her guests, but it can be done for any occasion as a ceremony, a party, a birthday or for your sake … It is also a good gift idea you can offer a session or a hennas tattoo glitter tattoo to a person of your choice.

When will we need to make a hennas tattoo?
Must be provided within 2/3 days before your event, including weddings, so that the hennas has taken its final color on the skin. The ideal is to put hennas in late afternoon, then to cover for the night and remove the crust hennas tomorrow.

Henna flower designs,hennas Henna flower designs,hennas

What should I do before applying the hennas?
Before making your hennas tattoo, especially for brides must be provided to make an appointment prior to the hammam, waxing, manicure / pedicure, fake nails or simple application of varnish.
Before your session hennas, take a shower or bath and do not apply cream or lotion on the body part where the tattoo will be done. Similarly, if you plan to go to the beautician or steam the same day of hennas, ask that you do not apply you oil or cream on the hands and feet.

How long it takes to make a hennas tattoo?
It depends on the pattern made. A simple pattern takes a few minutes while busiest patterns can take several hours.
For weddings, simple patterns on the hands will be performed in less than an hour. For hands and feet, it takes 2-3 hours. Much more elaborate designs take on average 3 to 4 hours.

Henna flower designs,hennas Henna flower designs,hennas 552618_560398067349995_93046978_n Henna flower designs,hennas

What kind of patterns can we do?
A wide range of designs will be offered. To meet all types of applications, Sandya has many books and catalogs of patterns, floral or geometric, traditional or contemporary, from different countries: Maghreb, Middle East, India, Pakistan ….
It can play all kinds of styles and manufactures its own creations, as his inspiration and your needs, from the simplest to the most elaborate designs.
It can adapt to different applications and create for you a unique pattern for a special occasion.

Henna flower designs,hennas

How long should we allow to dry hennas?
After installing the hennas on the skin and once it is dry, after about 30 minutes, apply with a cotton Sandya a mixture of lemon juice and sugar on the pattern made with hennas. This allows good paste hennas paste to the skin to avoid she left too quickly. In addition, the acidity of the lemon helps secure the color of hennas on the skin. The longer the paste stays on the skin, the more the hennas tattoo will remain dark and long. The ideal is to cover the hennas with cotton, a bandage, cotton glove (hand) or socks (foot) and keep it for several hours or overnight, if possible near a heat source (cover, radiator …).
Then remove the “crust” formed by hennas on the skin by gently scraping with your fingers and then apply a little oil on the ground (oil sweet almond oil, olive oil, …) by gently massaging the part where the hennas tattoo. It must then avoid contact with water for at least 12 h. Hennas will gradually darken and the final color will be achieved after 2 to 3 days. Henna flower designs,hennas

What are the tricks to keep the hennas tattoo as long as possible?
Avoid washing too where was made the hennas tattoo and do not do hair removal (except the tweezers) and scrub.

Henna flower designs,hennas

What is seen hennas on dark skin?
Hennas is seen on dark skin but the contrast is more pronounced on lighter skin. It will be especially within the hands where the skin is clearer and where hennas particular brand. For a more visible result, adorn your hennas tattoo glitter and Swarovski crystals or opt for a tattoo done only with glitter, pearlescent powders or diamond powder that you can also add some rhinestones.


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