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All about permanent makeup

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup, also called micropigmentation or dermapigmentation, involves depositing pigments into the dermis. It has existed for many years. It is most frequently used for eyebrows, around the eyes and lips, but a variety of corrections are available, such as shading eyes, lightening dark circles, correcting scars, etc..

Who it is for?

To all those asymmetries in face and lips and eyebrows, those with absent or sparse eyebrows, those who want to save time in makeup, sport, those who are allergic or intolerant to makeup, people with less dexterity, disability or tremors, etc..

Always choose natural colors so as not to harden your features, remain timeless and not too intense regret effect. You can always add makeup to intensify if you have a party for example.

The duration

Unlike a tattoo, permanent makeup does not last a lifetime, we must make alterations to 2-7 years, because the pigments used are not the same. What you should know is that thick skin keeps the pigment longer than thin skin that sun exposure reduces the duration of pigment that absorbs best dry skin oily skin pigments, the dark pigments (such as black) last longer and the implementation of more pigment is deeper, its duration will be.

Does it hurt?

Another major difference is that the tattooing micropigmentation uses local anesthetics in good shows, so you avoid the pain. At worst, you feel discomfort. Of course, everything depends on the sensitivity of your skin.

How many sessions are needed?

In general, two sessions at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks are necessary to obtain a perfect result.

Adverse effects

In some cases, the skin may swell slightly, but the swelling will disappear of itself fairly quickly. The application of an ointment is required for healing. You can also feel a little pain after surgery, but it does not last and it is tolerable. It just also be allergic reactions, but this is rare if the pigments used are approved.Some skins are not suitable for permanent makeup such as those with keloids or having problems healing for example. An experienced and honest technician will advise you if you are suitable for this procedure or not. Week after treatment, the color may become darker. Do not worry, it will fade after about a month.

Choosing the right living

As it comes to your face, the most exposed part of your body, take the time to choose your micropigmentationtechnician. Learn about their experience, qualifications (recognized school), ask to see photos, learn about the equipment used (is it new?), The pigments used (they are approved by the health authorities government), if it uses local anesthesia, if needles are disposable, if it has a professional liability insurance, etc.. Beware also cheap. One looks in fact, in an ideal world, a dermatologist nurse-esthetician makeup experience!

The price and duration of the intervention

On average, a procedure lasts one hour and costs € 200 / $ 300 CAD to 700 € / $ 1000 CA.

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