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All About Sheila Abaya

Well as we mention up the name of the Sheila abaya then we usually defined it to be the plain black robe worn by women belonging to the Muslim community in support of covering their regular attire. Not just the women belonging to the Muslim community can make the choice of wearing the abaya but even it is quite a lot getting to be one of the favorite clothing in the women of in Arabian Peninsula nations inclusive of United Arab Emirates and the Saudi Arabia. In simple we can define it as the robe-like long sleeved attire. It is added with e different names like Burqa in South Asia and Chador in the country of Iran.

About Sheila Abaya:

                          Sheila abaya is all used to covers the entire body of the wearer except the hands, feet and the face. Some of the women even make the choice of covering the eyes ans face too by making the use of gloves. This origin of this clothing style exists almost 4000 years ago in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. In the 7th century when Islam came into being this clothing became one of the most important and necsassary for the women. In the ancient days, in the stone age women were found to be wearing dresses that are open and they just covered their hip area in the company of bamboos and other materials. But soon after the emergence of the Islam they religion ordered that the women should cover their body fully in such a way that they can be protected from disregard. In the ancient days the women were using veils for covering their back portion but then after the introduction of Islamic culture the veil was used to cover the front portion of their body as well. Hence this gave rise to the origin of Abaya.

With the passage of time Sheila abaya is becoming one of the latest fashion trends. You can find these abayas in different styles like elegant, peacock, simple black and Arabian floral. You even have the option of buying the Sheila abaya through online from the way of which you can get the abayas on cheap rates.

Hence we would like to suggest all the women that if they want to look traditionally elegant in the society then don’t forget to choose Sheila abaya designs!

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