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All about the black eye makeup

Choosing the right colors

One of the most important elements in the development of eye beauty coal, is the choice of colors. And on that side, we can say that the eyes are black rather spoiled because they can afford almost everything.

For eyeshadows, without hesitation we opt for shades that sparkle: all shades of purple, all shades of green, all shades of brown, all shades of red, all shades of gray, silver, the gilded bronzes, copper …

Side mascara , you can afford a dark khaki, black with bluish reflections, for example. For the line of eyeliner or kohl pencil , you can choose navy blue or plum, for example.

Makeup day and evening

By day and night, black eyes just waiting to be sublimated. Thanks to makeup , they can bring joy or deep, and enlighten.

Day, every day, can magnify choosing colors nobles with a pencil and black mascara to bluish example, or bright colors: one dares shades of red or green! You can also associate purple eyeshadow and mascara dark gray …

For nightlife, you can opt for smokey-eyes, which is especially smoky eyes in value or metallic colors: silver or copper, according to the desire and the season.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Side eyeshadows, forget the colors too bright or pastel, to be bland and almost invisible.
  • It also avoids the intense black, which will tend to shrink and harden the eye gaze, and prefers gray and dark brown.
  • Do not fall into the opposite extreme and make too many different bright colors.

All about the black eye makeup

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