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All about The gloss

ind all our tips for choosing and applying your gloss.

The sublime gloss lips

There are different types of gloss but all have the particularity to shine and plump lips to make them look luscious and delicious.

During the day, for a discreet look and sensuality while, we choose a gloss clear or transparent. In the evening, all the daring are allowed, it opts for a colored gloss, pigmented and / or with glitter …

The gloss can be in the form of tube with applicator potty or even stick … You choose the packaging that suits you best, you find most convenient.

While applying the gloss

The gloss is applied on the lips clean and very smooth . It is sometimes necessary to do a little scrubbing the mouth before putting gloss.

To do this, nothing could be easier, simply apply a moisturizing balm, let it rest and then gently erase the lips.

The gloss also requires regular touch-ups throughout the day to be on top of the gloss. So do not keep never far from your purse or your pocket!

The advantages and disadvantages of gloss


– The lips shine more with a gloss with a lipstick

– The gloss plumps lips and is ideal for thin lips.

– The more gloss moisturizes lips as a lipstick.

– The gloss often have a fruity and sweet.


– The gloss does not take long, it must be reapplied regularly.

– The gloss is sticky and can stick hair.

– The gloss can make packages unsavory corners of the lips.

– The gloss deteriorates faster, be kept less than the lipstick.

All about The gloss

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