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All solutions to treat ingrown hairs on legs armpit

Ingrown hairs are the bane of many women.These hairs that grow under the skin, creating the passage pimples, redness and infections of the jersey and legs make our lives difficult. Want to know how to avoid them? Overview of all solutions never have ingrown hairs.


Scrubs … yes, but no matter how!

Make a scrub soap the day before waxing.This scrub is quite aggressive, do not abuse otherwise the skin may react by thickening. It is advisable to do once a month. The rest of the time, made the sweetest sugar scrubs, coffee grounds or coconut powder once or twice a week.


Disinfect before and after waxing area

Before waxing, it is necessary to disinfect the area treated and your hardware (razor, epilator, tweezers, etc.)..

After waxing, disinfect or place an alum stone on your legs wet, then apply a post-waxing care soothing aloe vera , of the azulene oil or calendula. This treatment, in addition to avoid any infections, instantly calm redness.

Do not hesitate to spend the alum stone on waxed after every shower on wet skin areas. These anti-bacterial properties help you avoid pimples due to ingrown hairs.However, you must choose your stone alum. For this, see the beauty


Moisturize your body daily

Ingrown hairs form when hairs are unable to pierce the skin to point to the surface.So the more the skin is dry, the hair will be more difficult to get out and there will be ingrown hairs. To avoid them, so you need a flexible and perfectly hydrated skin. To do this, use after every shower, a cream or moisturizing and nourishing body oil (sweet almond oil, argan oil, avocado, etc..). You can make your own moisturizing and healing cream


Emollient cream for very dry skin

Sometimes, despite all the care (exfoliation and hydration), some skins tend to have very dry, still, ingrown hairs. The solution: emollient creams with urea (synthetic urea, of course!) Milk type Eucerin 10% Urea or Xerial 10. These body creams are very effective to prevent ingrown hairs. In addition to anti-bacterial action, these creams are used to hold water, so to stay perfectly hydrated (and the hairs are happy and can leave quietly). They are to be applied to damp skin after showering.


Foot cream: the miracle cure for stubborn areas

If despite scrubs and hydration, you have areas of ingrown hairs that are resisting.Last solution: creams feet (yes, you read that right …) are magical to treat stubborn areas. If these creams can thin out the skin of the feet, and they can also refine skin recalcitrant areas, which thus enables the hair does not stay trapped under the skin.

In line creams with urea (seen above) that combine optimal hydration and anti-bacterial action, foot creams such as Kératosane 30 Uriage Xerial or SVR 30 are, in turn, consist of more of urea (30%), allowing them to refine the skin, preventing ingrown hairs. They are to be applied twice a day only on rebel areas (shirt, calves, etc..).


Anti-ingrown hair creams

In general, after regular application of these creams (Kérapil, Skin Doctors Ingrow go, Neostrata, etc..), There was a slight improvement …. which is, alas, far too lightly. Velona Folisan seems, however, to win his little success with its users …. is just to pay 30 euros!


The natural beauty recipes against ingrown hairs

Scrub, post-waxing care, body cream


What if ingrown hairs and pimples are already there?

Solution 1: If ingrown hairs are there, we run to the pharmacy to buy theHexomédine transcutaneous (not all Hémoxédine short, about 5 euros), a formidable disinfectant to calm the buttons due to ingrown hairs. Twice a day, soak a cotton ball and apply transcutaneous Hémoxédine for two minutes on the side.

Solution 2: Apply an antibacterial and healing cream type Cicaflate Avene.

Solution 3: Apply foot cream such Kératosane 30 Uriage or Xerial 30 SVR (seen above). Through their exfoliating action, the skin is refined, which will release the hairs trapped under the skin.


Laser hair removal: radical solution

For some, with its solutions, the problem of ingrown hairs diminishes somewhat without disappearing. There is one more solution and not the cheapest: laser hair removal. If it is only to get rid of ingrown hairs, 2-3 sessions on the area that is causing the problem (often the jersey) may suffice. While the hair will not completely disappeared, but the problem of ingrown hairs will be greatly reduced.

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