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Amazing Weight Loss drinks

Everyone of us wants to stay fit, smart and beautiful. But in the modern world today, where there are a lot of advancement in every thing, there are thousands of different delicious foods and i know its a real difficult thing for a foodie to keep their hands off from such yummy foods available in every nook. But yes this is a fact as well that, eating such fast foods is one of the many reasons that are causing quick weight gain and obesity in the younger generation. Poor diet, over eating, eating processed foods, fast foods, soft drinks, eating foods that contain high carbohydrate contents, hoteling frequently etc and then really not doing any workout will literally cause a quick weight gain, and its a frustration when you see your weight gaining so quickly…and once you have gained weight, its not that easier to shed it.

Well, its not a big deal to lose weight, all it requires is continuity, efforts, patience and determination. But yes it could be a big deal for the lazy people as it requires continuity to follow any weight loss challenge as well it requires patience as it is not a magic that will happen overnight, so by the time if you keep on following a good and healthy lifestyle and avoid foods that contain high sugar content and includes vegetables and fruits in your daily diet and by drinking some of these weight loss drinks, you can really shed some pounds in few weeks as they have a promising results.

Here are a list of some really good weight loss drinks.

WATER AS WEIGHT LOSS THERAPY:3099-does-drinking-water-help-in-growing-tallerYou people might be thinking that how could water help in shedding weight.. yes!! water is a great weight loss therapy..

Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day curbs your appetite, increases your metabolism and can really help you loose weight as water contains no calories and drinking water helps you to flush out toxins from your body that has been accumulated by the poor diet. Not only this, water therapy prevents numerous illness and helps headaches, body aches, epilepsy, obesity, arthritis, bronchitis, asthma, diarrhea, constipation and kidney diseases etc. furthermore it keeps your skin glowing, fresh, young and healthy.



detox water can be made with the ingredients easily available at home, this drink is a combination of different vegetables soaked in water and there is nothing fancy to it. detox drink flushes toxins out of our body and as the name suggests that it detoxifies our body, reduces inflammation, boost up our immune system, cleanses body and makes healthy glowing skin.

take a jug full of water and add lemon, cucumber, mint leaves, ginger, apple cider vinegar, you can also add fruits like watermelon, strawberries, grapefruit raspberries. keep this drink overnight and then the next morning drink as much as you can it will really help you loose weight.



green tea is considered as one of the most effective weight loss drinks, the leaves of green tea contains a bio active substance that dissolves into the water and makes it the final drink to sip, it helps you lose weight quickly and makes you feel light especially if you have consumed it after a heavy  meal. So drinking green tea daily can really help you in your mission of losing weight and boost your immune system.,its even more beneficial if you consume it during exercise.



black coffee is considered as one of the most effective fat cutter as it contains zero calorie and drinking black coffee empty stomach in the morning  helps you lose weight fast, it also speeds up your metabolism.

Coffee contains caffeine that is a substance known to help mobilize fats from fat tissues and cells and increases metabolism, therefore consuming one or two cups of black coffee a day can help you lose weight.

Take a hot cup of water and add one teaspoon of coffee in it and there you go with the magical fat cutter drink.



Chia seeds (tukh malanga) is also one of the most effective weight loss drinks as it contains omega-3s, fiber, proteins, calcium and anti oxidant.,  protein and fiber are weight loss friendly.

Having chia seeds soaked in water for about  5 to 10 minutes and then squeezing half a lemon plus one teaspoon of honey, mix them well and drink it on empty stomach or at least  half an hour after you have consumed your meal, it will really help you in loosing weight.

hope you people will find this post beneficial. Enjoy these weight loss drinks and feel confident and beautiful. 🙂




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