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Anti-stress before marriage

tratamientos antiestres antes de boda you
anti-stress before marriage

If you have already chosen your dress, the venue of the wedding and the DJ, it is time to take care of your body to be beautiful on the day J. For this, it is not just about cosmetics. The real treatment begins 3 months before the wedding. It is watching your diet and make a series of treatments that will prepare your body and soul. After a diet of vegetables, fruits and grains you will begin to notice the difference already.


Marriage is a very important moment in life that marks a turning point and in which feelings are at stake The first thing to do is to harmonize the body and mind . Therefore it is advisable to perform a relaxing massage with essential oils and natural fragrances . Thus, you will feel lighter for the organization of marriage.

Once the body is relaxed, about a month before the wedding, it is recommended to start a little diet to lose the extra pounds, if necessary. There are many kinds of non-aggressive plan to lose a little weight, such as aui consist of a drainage of the skin or those who work with ultrasound.

This is also the time to start taking care of your skin , carrying a body scrub which releases impurities and dead cells. This allows the main assets of cosmetics, which will be applied later to be absorbed better. Combined with the cosmetic massage will strengthen, and soften your tonifira peau.Pour your face, there are many treatments that are used in the spa, or you can make your own at home. The important thing is to thoroughly clean the skin once a week to remove impurities accumulated in the pores, as the remnants of makeup and dead skin cells.

· For oily skin, it is recommended to clean the skin with a lotion rich in substances rebalancing.

· For dry skin, you should choose a product based on highly active moisturizing. After you use a cream with vitamin C which gives brightness and collagen to moisturize and regenerate the skin.



Do not forget that all the products you use should be tailored to your skin type and also need to apply them in the neck and décolleté.


3 months before: Take care of your diet, exercising and consult your doctor for a general check and massages.

2 months before: Consult a professional to learn the aesthetic treatment of your skin.

1 month before: Make a facial scrub once a week and face masks to moisturize your face.

15 days before: It is time to take care of the processing of your Hair.

3 days before: Hair Removal, manicure, pedicure and facial treatments to eliminate the signs of stress and fatigue.

The big day: Massage and facial masks.

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