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Apply eyeliner correctly: Here’s how

With a few tricks you should have no problems when applying eyeliner properly, so as to make the perfect eyeliner for a unique makeup.

Eyeliner makes your eyes expressive and attractive.Can apply the eyeliner right one but also exasperating.However, there are a few helpful tips to the perfect eyeliner is effortless.The basis for the perfect eyeliner forms a foundation and / or powder.You shall ensure that the eyeliner does not smudge and permanently holds.It should be the color of the skin tone adapted to avoid nasty make-up edges and a mask effect.A primer should never notice, but always act naturally.Note also that with eyeliner different looks can be achieved by classic, glamorous, to experimental.It should always look the particular situation or time of day may be appropriate.During the day a more unobtrusive make-up is announced.In the evening it may be something like flashy.

Which Eyeliner should you take?
Buying the right eyeliner is due to the large selection often been a challenge as there is liquid eyeliner in crucibles, which are applied with a brush but also eyeliner in pencil form with nylon tip, which can be applied directly.Opinions vary as to which is more appropriate now go about it.The advantage eyeliners nylon tip is that the application of color is possible relatively uniform.

With the right technique for the perfect eyeliner
Apply eyeliner really does not work without a steady hand.Invocation of you, by supporting the arm or elbow on a tray and then slowly pulls the eyelid.Under no circumstances should you are pressed for time and try eyeliner to draw in hectic.This usually goes wrong.It helps, for example, on the eyelid over the lashes to make dots and connect them with the eyeliner.It is also recommended, with a few short strokes from the inside of the eye forge ahead towards the outside.If something went wrong, let you make small adjustments with a moistened cotton swab.Others prefer the eyelid to the side and provide you with an even application.Apply eyeliner really is a matter of practice.With a little patience, a quiet hands and a bit of practice the perfect eyeliner from time to time will succeed better.
Apply eyeliner correctly: Here's how

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