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Avocado cream for dry skin

Vitamins, minerals and healthy fats from vegetable fat rich fruit stuck in the avocado cream for your skin

The avocado is the only fruit with such a high fat content.This is an average of 15 percent.It is about healthy vegetable fats, which are sometimes double, sometimes triple saturated.Support these valuable fatty acids from an impressive list vitamins and minerals.Contained vitamin A, for example, is known to protect the skin from dehydration and delay along with the avocado also contains vitamins D and E, the aging of the skin.In conjunction with other substances in the guacamole you’ve found the perfect helper to your dry skin.If all these facts you have not yet entirely convinced that the avocado cream is right for you, you can be prepared with simple ingredients yourself a refreshing avocado mask to make sure of the effect of the fruit.

An avocado mask on first aid
When buying the avocado that this yields slightly to pressure.Only then it is really ripe and suitable for the production of the mask.Home can handle the fruit best when it all around to the core and cut in half with a slight twist.Now the pulp are removed easily with a spoon.For a uniform mass, mix the mashed pulp with yoghurt and honey or even with curd and butter milk until a smooth paste is obtained, which is firm enough that you can apply it on your face.The mask should act about 15 minutes and then washed off with warm water.Do not use soap, so the ingredients is possible to stay on your skin and act.

Supporting inner
Besides the avocado cream and the mask, you can dry your skin also counteract by taking plenty of fluids.In addition, you can use the flesh of the avocado naturally eat well, so that it supports your skin.Thus, the high vitamin and mineral content and the fatty acids linolenic and linoleic acid are also proven in patients with atopic dermatitis.Because omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are essential and come naturally in the human skin, where they regulate the water balance.

Avocado cream for dry skin

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