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Base for eyeshadow Blinc / Kiss Me

I’ve already talked to some recovery Blinc products in the past.

Here in Quebec, Blinc products are called “Kiss Me”.

Blink / Kiss Me Base pour fard à paupières

Blink / Kiss Me Base Eyeshadow

The latest I’ve tested is the base for eyeshadow and I beloved.

I also already given a list of bases for eye makeup, but many products have been launched since (and I’ve found several others), so the item is no longer quite up to date.

Here is his description:

Designed to ensure long lasting eyeshadow in the Eyeshadow Base Blinc / Kiss Me does not move, does not run and does not accumulate, regardless of the activities or temperature.

• Covers and fills wrinkles apparent
• Can be used as a basis for any eyeshadow

Contains ingredients studied clinically reducing by 67% the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after 6 weeks of usage and increasing hydration of the skin of 53% after only 1 week.

I think

I tested it on myself as well as some of my clients and the results are as expected: the makeup eyelids have a better hold and there is a slight smoothing effect on more mature eyelids. I also found that the fact that the base is slightly tinted, it standardizes the eyelid before makeup. We thus see less veins and inequality.

The other big plus of this database is that it does not dry eyelids. Many bases, designed to prevent the eyelids become fat will have a mattifying effect. But for those who have very dry eyes like me (I even tend to get eczema on eyelids), it is not very comfortable. Personally, I found that the database does not diminish at all my hydration.

Side wrinkles, by cons, as I only have 31 years, I can not speak, and my clients could not bear more than a day basis.

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