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Beautiful and Best Mehndi Designs For Women

Each woman has the want to apply stunning and best mehndi designs on her hands and feet. All the wedding functions and religious happenings are said to be incomplete without the application of mehndi designs. Talking about mehndi it is even known by the name of “Heena”. It is quite a lot famous and in greater demand in the countries of Pakistan, India and Middle East. It is taken as one of the best methods that is all used for the sake of beautifying hands and feet. In modern times this trend is getting so famous in the people that now it is being used for temporary tattoo designs as well. If we mention about the types of mehndi designs then they are present in countless amount such as Arabic Mehndi, Indian designs of Mehndi, Pakistani mehndi style, Sudanic Mehndi style and so many more. But mehndi design can just look eye catching when they are all added up with the unique mehndi designs.

How To Prepare Best Mehndi Designs At Home?

If you want to prepare mehndi at home then you have to follow the below mentioned steps carefully:

  1. If you have heena tree at home then pluck its leaves and grind them in the thick paste.
  2. Now you have to take one cup of water that is boiled and put henea leaves in it. You can even make the use of tea bags as well.
  3. As you put the boiled water of tea in Mehndi you have to put some oil in it as well. You can make the use of olive oil or mustard oil as well. Now just mix up all the items.
  4. If you think that the whole mixture has gone little bit thick then you should add some water in it.
  5. Now apply the best mehndi designs on hands and feet and allow it to get dry for maximum 5 hours.
  6. If you want the design to stay longer lasting and darker in color then don’t forget to wash the hands with lemon juice as you have removed the mehndi designs.

Well we all know that women look for best mehndi designs so that they can apply it on mehndi functions, wedding events, religious festivities and functions of Mayoh, Dholk and Sangeet. You can even look for some of the exciting looking mehndi designs from the internet and fashion websites as well.

Now just stop looking here and there and start searching incredible and best mehndi designs right now! You will going to fall in love with your hands and feet!

Best mehndi designs

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