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Beautiful Designer Abaya Designs For Women 2014-2015

Every religion has its dress code. The Islamic tradition requires the women of its community to be modest in their dress. As such, the abaya and the hijab define a Muslim woman’s attire. Although the abaya is an example of conservative clothing for Muslim women. Modern designs and styles have made it possible for women to showcase their personal styles without showing any disregard for their beliefs and religion.

Beautiful Designer Abaya Designs For Women 2014-2015

As we all know that, fashion designers are playing a vital role in promoting fashion. There are so many fashion designers are also involving to provide high quality abaya designs for women. Day by day new trend and styles are introducing in abaya and hijab by designers. Let’s check out the features of designers abaya designs below.

Fabric: While cotton and wool were favorite fabrics in which abayas look traditionally and awesome. But modern-day abayas are made from light and flowing materials such as chiffon, georgette and crepe. Silhouettes are also changing with layered, twisted and knotted detailing being added to the plain lines of a traditional abaya.

Color: The traditional color for abayas is black. However, there exist a range of abaya designs that do not follow this tradition. Beige, brown, grey, pink, sky blue, green, white, maroon, purple and even two-tone color combinations are rapidly changing the way the colors of abayas are perceived.

Decoration: Embroidery has become almost standard on modern abayas. Done in single or multi-colored thread or gold thread, embroidery adds detail, sophistication and a touch of class to hitherto plain abayas. Top end designers even offer Swarovski crystals and lace embellishments. In fact, Swarovski has actually held competitions and workshops in countries such as Abu Dhabi to increase the use of Swarovski elements in designing abayas.

Well, here are some latest designer abaya designs 2014 below. These abaya designs are looking beautiful and modern. You can also visit different fashion websites for new and unique designs of designers abaya. Designers abayas are most popular now a days because of their high end looks and exceptional designs. You can find great range of abaya designs inside markets accordingly colors, fabrics and stitching styles. Let’s check out these all beautiful abaya designs here below. You can also find some other designs on other fashion websites. Let’s have a look below.

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