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Beautiful Maang Tikka And Matha Patti Styles For Bridals

Matha Pattis our precious accessory of the day. Matha Pattis and Mang Tikkas are heavy, classical and trickle loads of sex appeal. They are  in vogue from recent few years,, and are available in best designing made with floral crowns and maang tikkas. New bold Matha Patti and Maang Tikka is a piece of our traditional jewelry and also represent our cultural traditions. Bridals look is just incomplete without maang tikaa and matha patti.

Matha patti and Maang Tikkas are accessible in a variety of designs with different styles and art work. They may be made up of pearls which give your personality a perfect look in any kind of attire. Some Matha Pattis are in traditional Borla style and they are usually loved by Asian bridals especially Indian Bridals.

Some Matha pattis are made one sided, they come one side of your forehead and gives you a different and unique look. The Women of India look for traditional Temple jewelry for themselves, they are adorned with pearls, rubies and diamonds and look so beautiful in traditional look.

actress-in-barola-matha-pati-style beautiful-actress-in-matha-patti-design beautiful-traditional-matha-patti-style-for-bridals bridal-matha-patti-new-design-ideas-2016 indian-bridal-accessories-best-maang-tikka-designs-single-strand-matha-patti jhumar-mang-tikaa-designs-for-brides-2016

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matha-patti-designs-latest-for-bridals matha-patti-fashion-design-style-for-women matha-patti-jewelry-designs-for-pakistani-bridals new-matha-pati-design-collection-of-2016-for-brides

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one-sided-maang-tikka-for-bridals-best-style pearly-matha-patti-styles-for-bridals-2016 temple-jewelry-design-for-maang-tikaa-matha-patti unique-style-of-matha-patti-design-2016

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