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Beautiful Moroccan Henna Styles And Patterns 2014

Henna or mehndi is an art which has been using to decorate hands and feet since centuries. Henna is also using to dying hairs but most of women love to design their hands with the paste of henna which is derived from henna leaves. Henna is one of the most important part of women’s life. Every women either she is young or old love to decorate their hands and feet with different designs of henna. In Pakistan, India and South Asian countries, women always apply henna to make their impressive. Heena can be applied as casually but it is considered to be as the most important part of celebrations and occasions. There are so many mehndi designs are available such that are based on any country and tradition. Here in this post i am going to share with you beautiful Moroccan henna styles and patterns 2014. Let’s check out this unique style of mehndi designs below.

Beautiful Moroccan Henna Styles and Patterns 2014

As we all know that the mehndi or henna is the part of women’s life in all countries. Every country has its own henna design. Most of peoples love to use henna as a bodily adornment or an alternative to a permanent tattoo but if we talk about henna design in Morocco, then i must tell you the role of henna transcends that of beauty. In Morocco, women apply henna on the body to get protection against illness, the evil eye and brings joy. The use of henna in Morocco can be traced to the first Berbers. Henna is playing an integral part of any major festival in Morocco. There are so many ways and style of henna that are applying by women in Morooco. The always choose most intricate patterns, common themes of floral and geometric designs and also including the groom’s name discreetly inside the henna designs. Mostly, they choose simple and easy Moroccan henna styles and patterns for brides that make their hands and feet stunning and catchier.

Well, there are so many ways to designs mehndi on hands and feet in Morocco. Here in this post you will find some of the best and stunning styles of henna from Morocco below. These all designs are simply elegant and full of impressive and attractive look. If you also want to searching some other designs then must visit other websites. You will find a wide variety of Moroccan mehndi designs.

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