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The beauty benefits of natural honey

Honey is one of the most effective natural ingredients that for sure enhances your skin beauty. There are a number of honey benefits. Honey naturally posses anti oxidant and anti bacterial properties. These properties makes it a perfect moisturizer for our skin.

honey benefits

There is a long list of honey benefits. Be it your skin problem, your health problem or your hair problem. Honey is effective for all. 


honey benefits

Honey is a natural anti oxidant that slows down your aging. It contain anti bacterial properties that for sure heals your acne problems. As well as it is extremely moisturizing therefore it retains your skin’s moisture for a long.

AS A SKIN MOISTURIZER:  Honey is a natural moiturizer. As it steals moisture from the air and fixes it into the skin. It helps to retain your skin hydrous for several hours. So, you will feel smooth and soft skin. Apply one teaspoon of natural honey after cleaning your dry skin. Then massage the skin with it. After massaging, let the honey stay on the skin for 15 minutes. Finally, cleanse your face off with fresh water.

honey benefits

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AS A CLEANSER: Natural and raw honey contains the properties of antibacterial and enzyme. These two things fight against the building up of bacterial imbalances and poisonings. Thus, it keeps the pores of your skin clean. Take a spoon full of honey and add few drops of olive or coconut oil and massage into your skin gently. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash off your face with tap water. 

honey benefits

AS AN EXFOLIANT: Honey is also an effective exfoliant for your skin. As it removes the dead skin and retain your smooth glowing skin. Take a spoon full of honey and add baking soda to it. Rub this mixture gently on your face and wash after 5 minutes. Baking soda offers light exfoliation while the honey soothes and smooths the skin.

honey benefits

honey benefits

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HONEY TREATS ACNE: Honey as we know possess anti bacterial properties, therefore it is one of the best options to treat acne and acne marks. Acne may be appearing on your skin for the breakouts of bacteria in your skin level. So to get acne free skin massage your acne-prone skin with honey for 18 minutes. Then wash your face off with clean water. Thus, you can treat your acne prone skin with honey.

honey benefits

HONEY BRIGHTENS THE SKIN: Honey is also helpful in lightening your dark skin complexion especially the lips. It is also rich in bleaching agents therefore lightens your skin. Take honey and sugar mix them well and massage this scrub on your lips for 2 to 3 minutes. Now wash your lips and apply some good lip balm on your lips. Do this for a week or two. You will see the significant results. honey benefits

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