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Beauty Tip: 3 Tips for a perfect party makeup

Panda eyes in the late evening and the foundation that runs, you know? This year up to make up party that lasts all night! Learn how to choose the product most stubborn and gestures pros to stay fresh until the end of the night.

1 Attach the complexion

What products?
– A non-greasy moisturizer, such as a cream for combination skin
– A liquid foundation or compact, but also long-term and if possible “non-transfer”, that is to say that will not stain your clothes.
– A concealer cream, stick or small pot, not a pen illuminator
– A unifying and transparent loose powder
– A mineral blush kabuki brush-

The right thing
– Apply your day cream, preferably very moisturizing anticipate dehydration and therefore clusters of colored pigments on dehydrated skin layer in the late evening. If your skin tends to make plates with the foundation, apply moisturizer twice: the first time a few hours before the evening, then once before your makeup, your skin will have the time of and will absorb a small reserve to keep going!
– Then apply your foundation, taking care to embed the material so that it clings to the surface of the skin. To do this, after spreading and distributed the material at your fingertips with circular movements (like a cream), press the fingertips on the surface of the skin to embed pigments and secure.
– Then drop layer opaque concealer basing the product well into the cheek to avoid demarcation
– Generously apply loose powder with a large brush to set the foundation and unify the surface.
– End up working in the mineral blush powder in circular motions to melt at all.

2 Prevent eyeshadow migrate

What products?
– A waterproof pencil liner
– A waterproof mascara or long term
– A basic eyelid
– A long-lasting shadow or pencil jumbo waterproof

The right thing
– First apply the base lid: it unifies the eyelid and creates a drier than bare eyelid, still a bit wet, which will hang pigments. By itself it highlights the eyes because it clears all the little redness of the eyelid: it can also be used alone.
– Then draw along the lash line above and below a line with waterproof liner pencil and blend with the pulp of the finger to avoid the effect of “pencil” that hardens the look.
– Remove the eyeshadow brush or preferably with the finger a little massaging. To intensify, you can file an additional layer of pigment pressing the shadow on the eyelid that removal without dispersing pigments. If you use a jumbo pencil, shade the eyelid and blend quickly before the finger that matter freezes.
– Sprinkle all with transparent powder used for the skin: with very little product, pass the large brush nonchalantly on the eyelid. In addition to setting up the removal of this powder on the lashes which thickened find in the application of mascara!
– Apply your mascara starting with a zig-zag motion along the lash line to the well to penetrate the heart of the brush, then reassemble. Pass through the top layer being careful not to touch the eyelids. Accident, remove the swab material without product.

3 keep the lipstick from bleeding

What products?
– A lip scrub and lip balm
– A lip pencil
– An ink lip
– Possibly a long red dress

The right thing
– A few hours before the evening or the night before, make a scrub lips with the specific product to gently remove dead skin cells that retain color and pigments. Massage the lips with moisturizing balm for food (but not just before make-up: the fat balm would run red!)
– Once the lip balm absorbed, apply to lips felt very dry lips: start with the outline then color inside. Iron repeatedly. The ink going to be slightly absorbed by the superficial layers of the lips and will “print” without effect on the surface texture. If you want more gloss effect, opt for polish lips sort of mix between a paint and ink pigments print their lips the same way but with a gloss effect to the surface.
Bite into a tissue and then try again.

Tip pro
You can spray some fixative spray makeup which, upon drying, permanently fixed makeup complexion!

Beauty Tip: 3 Tips for a perfect party makeup

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