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Best And Simple Method of Making Mehandi Designs

Do you want to know the excellent and simple method for making the mehandi designs easily at home? Do you sometimes think that market mehndi paste is not that much trustworthy? This is the main reason that most of the women favor preparing the mehndi paste at home by making the use of 100% secure mehndi items in it.

Steps To Make Mehandi Designs Easily:

  1. In the very beginning you should just make sure one thing that the heena powder should be bright green in color for the best results. You have to avoid hennas that are intended in support of hair.
  2. You have to filterthe amount of henna powder you wish to use all the way through the strainer as by making sure the henna powder is finely sifted after it has gone through the filter. This removes the twigs, fibers and other materials that are commonly found in coarser grains of henna.
  3. Now you have to place up the sifted henna powder in a bowl that can be either glass or stainless steel. Then you have to add two teaspoons of lemon juice to the mixture. Now just add hot tea or coffee one half-cup at a time by mixing the coffee or tea into the powder.
  4. You have to keep adding tea or coffee until the mixture is smooth. The amount of henna powder you are using will affect the amount of tea used. In the same way the mixture will on three parts liquid for every two parts powder.
  5. You have to cover up the mixture and set it aside overnight. Just make sure to remove all air bubbles from the container before sealing. This will going to allow the color to set and in support of the mixture to become homogeneous.
  6. You should be keeping a check on the consistency of the mixture of the mehandi designs. The mixture should come up with a spoon and fall back into the container in strings. If the consistency is too goopy then you can think to add more liquid. If it is too watery then just add more henna paste. You should make sure the entire mixture has been blended to a smooth consistency to ensure the best results.

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