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Best Fat Burning Exercise At Home For Weight Loss

Fat Burning Exercises are most effective in losing weight rapidly. Fat Burning means burn the calories as early as possible with effective exercise.  Some people go for Dieting to lose weight in 2-3 months. But truly said, it’s a very difficult task to walk on that diet plan for more than a week. The result is, you starts eating more than before and can’t work out on that plan and gain weight more than before in these dieting days. By keeping control on fatty and oily foods and practicing simple Fat Burning exercise steps at home can made you slim and smart in some days.

A slim and fit body has a healthy and active mind. For getting slimmer and active body you don’t need to go for gym and wasting your money and time. Try these simple and effective exercise steps at home to burn the fat and to remain active and slim to live a confident life.

Fat Burning WorkOuts:

Here we are describing the most effective and easy workouts that can easily be done at home and at any open area. By performing these simple steps, you can get a slimmer and perfect body shape in some days. These work outs don’t take more than 1 minute or 30 seconds. Try these steps and live a healthy and active life.

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1.W Leg Lift Workout:

This workout exercise is done only for 30 seconds and it’s a exercise of legs and labs. Lay down straight on the ground, close your legs and pull them up right towards your belly and then after few seconds put them down to their place and perform this method for 30 seconds. This is the best exercise for burning fat of belly and your lower parts of the body.


2.Super Man Exercise:

It’s a best exercise to tone and balance your belly. It involves workout of thighs, abs and lower back. Stretch yourself on the ground by keeping your face towards the ground and keep your hands and legs straight upward from the ground and balance your whole body on your belly. Try this for 30 seconds.


3.Skipping Exercise:

The most common and easy exercise to do at home for both women and men.  It’s a best method to burn fat from legs and thighs and stomach. Hold your skipping rope in both hands and jump for 30 seconds and more. By jumping with both legs together will be most effective for your body.



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4.Inverted  V Pipe Exercise:

This is the best exercise for your abs. Place palm of your hands on the ground and toes and brings V shape in your body. Balance your whole body on your hands and toes. First pull your legs close to the body by making an inverted V shape and then push the legs by moving your hands . This push and pull movement will burn the fat of your arms, the core and the lower back.


5.Push Ups and knee Push Ups Exercise:

One of the best home exercise is pushups for losing weight quickly. In men normal push\ups and in women knee puchups are best exercise for burning fat from arms and thighs especially the upper part of your arms. Start from pushups and then do knee kicks and then again pushups. Repeat this exercise for 30 seconds and it will strengthen your arms.



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