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Best Nail Art Ideas To Decorate Nails For Summer Season

Are you planning out to make your summer season best with the dazzling looking nail art ideas? Majority of the women make the choice of applying the nail art designs at the time of summer that allow them to make their hands appear as chic and fashionable looking for others. No doubt that nail art designs are one of those main ways that can help out in making the nails best looking for others. Although the intricate designs of the nail art is done by the professionals but you can even carry out the simple and easy designs applications at home as well. With the passage of time nail art concept is coming out to be one of the most popular nail beautifying ideas in the middle of the teens today. It is all beautified with colorful stones, stickers, beads are a hot favorite. But make sure one thing that when you are applying the intricate designs you should opt for a French manicure with gel nail art. Some of the famous nail art designs are tiny Christmas trees, holly leaves, bells, candy canes or even a little Santa by means of a toothpick. You can even choose out adding glitter to your nails to put together them appear festive and alluring.

Latest and Famous Nail Art Ideas

  1. If you are choosing to try the nail art ideas for the Halloween function then you can make the use of black varnish as a base coat and then make figures of skulls, Jack o Lantern, ghosts and a variety of Halloween figures.
  2. You can even get hold over the animal prints as well such as the choice of Zebra, Dalmatian or Tiger designs. A white nail base in the company of appropriate color stripes or dots will going to show out the image of animal.
  3. In addition marine nail art is even counted as one of the famous ones. They are basically set with the adornment of the blue base paint by means of transparent varnish that will going to give away the sea like look. You can even add some green paint for the weeds. Sea horses and dolphin images will look awesome as well.
  4. If you are planning to print the designs of nature in the nail art then you have to choose with the flowes of different hues in all shades dark and light. You can team up nail art flowers in the midst of any outfit.

Now stop looking at the pictures and grab your favorite nail art ideas right now!

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