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Beware of bacteria in your cosmetics!

I express written an article today because I regularly witness different things in my work and I wanted to share it with you, so that you are women and girls better informed on cosmetics.

Bacteria, we know them, and they fled permanently in many parts of our lives. Much attention is paid in our food, our kitchen countertops, our hands are disinfected with germicide, coughing and sneezing into our sleeves, we bought air exchangers, one obtains antibacterial hand soaps, etc.. In short, it is increasingly conscientisées bacteria. But it seems that there is still an area where this is less the case, and it is the makeup and skin care.

Here are some tips to help you get rid of those unwanted in your cosmetics ALSO.

1. Never put your fingers in your pots

The fingers are a part of the body most bacteria infested, even if you wash your hands, because it is still under the nails, unless one is a surgeon and we use the same cleaning technique each time. I see very often women put their fingers directly in the pot cream pot or their foundation, then apply all over the face. The next day, many are surprised to see a nice button on the face and do not understand why.

To avoid the problem, make sure you small plastic spatulas that you keep in a Ziploc style mini resealable bag. Just take a little cream with the spatula, then pass it on hand, then apply the product on the face. Then cleaned with a spatula or with a little soap or with rubbing alcohol. For juice, I have another solution, but it is not very environmentally friendly: Use cotton swabs that you take the trash after each use. So in the best of worlds, we opt for the tip …

2. Clean your brushes

A dirty brush is a very comfortable home for bacteria. Again, it can be the cause of some of your buttons. Your brushes should be disinfected after each use with a brush cleaner spray that dries quickly. Once a week, cleaned thoroughly with a shampoo brush.

3. Do not leave your makeup or accessories directly from the makeup counter

Counter, unless you come just to be cleaned with disinfectant, packed with a variety of bacteria specimens.To avoid the problem, when you wear makeup, remove with a clean cloth or a paper towel or handkerchief on the counter, and then place all of your products above. This prevents contact with the counter.

4. Do not make up with demonstrators

If you want to make a professional makeup, opt for those with their own products or makeup suitcase, as these will normally make use of hygienic products. However, this is not the case demonstrators store open to the public.

Demonstrators bars open to the public are so full of bacteria that you do not would return. Everyone can access, and thus contaminate. Who has never put his finger on a beautiful shadow in a cosmetics counter?But your finger was clean? Probably not. So imagine the hundreds of people that affect all products every week in the same bar demonstrators. And as these are unknown, you do not know what they did with their hands before touching. They returned public toilets where they forgot to clean their hands? Possible. So I do not think you would want all these unknown substances are found in contact with your eyes.

Conjunctivitis is quickly caught. We can even get herpes! Did you know that there is ocular herpes? And it is more widespread. So if you do not want to take any chances, participate in events where makeup makeup artists come directly from companies with their personal suitcases instead of you makeup by beauty consultant with bar demonstrators. You can avoid a lot of trouble.

There is one option for those who want to get their faces painted in-store demonstrators, and I talk about in this article .

Always check the level of hygiene of the makeup too. She should use disposable mascara brushes should never dip it into the tube of mascara after you have applied. Ditto for the gloss, it must take before you apply your makeup and not directly with the applicator tube.

5. A clean face is always the key

If you are with a dirty face makeup, dirt and bacteria from your skin will contaminate your makeup, because it is rare that do not come a second time retemper brush in the product after makeup applied for the first time on face. In addition, apply a layer of makeup or moisturizer on dirty skin will trap dirt or bacteria on the skin (they are trapped between the skin and the layer of makeup or moisturizer), and thus they will their time to wreak havoc on the skin. We should clean your face twice a day: in the morning before makeup and after the evening.

In this case there is also an option to prevent contamination of certain products with makeup or dirt from the face brushes. But this applies only to products, not loose powder compact. Just a sample of the product and to file elsewhere. For example, in the case of a loose powder, just sprinkle it on a handkerchief, and the brush, take the loose powder directly on the tissue. In this way, it never touches the container and never will contaminate the product.



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