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Beware of Captain Hook!

It is not the famous character of Peter Pan, but a man that you could easily cross the street corner. You may already know one. Who is this Captain Hook and how to protect themselves?

Beware of Captain Hook!

But who is Captain Hook?

Captain Hook is a seemingly ordinary man who claims to seek love and yet is not ready to commit. He loves to seduce, please know that back the esteem he has of himself. It has small stories, nothing really serious. The women hope to get to get his attention, make him want to ask, but nothing works. Captain Hook has often been disappointed in love, it left a bitter taste and is not ready to give his heart . easily if he still needed company for his loneliness weighs Then mop it and he uses his hook.:

  • attract women.
  • seduce.
  • them hope for a romance.
  • have adventures.
  • having women at his disposal.

Captain Hook can be a couple or single, he uses words to give women the impression that a relationship is possible. But put its responsibilities, Captain Hook escapes and flees.

Why must escape Captain Hook?

The problem with this is that Captain Hook starts to wait until it is ready (and it never will be for us), during this time it is not available for other men. This prevents us simply to advance in our love life. Captain Hook is there for us to waste our time, time that could happen with a man actually available to us and that the feelings are mutual.

Captain Hook is simply not honest with us, it gives us hope that something will happen probably ever. He manages to infuse her words in our minds the possibility of a relationship. Worst of all is that when Captain Hook is a woman who really fits him, he is suddenly close to engage and make all the efforts he was unable to do with us!

Basically, Captain Hook is not bad, it is itself a victim of his emotions. If the hook is out because he is afraid:

  • to love.
  • disappoint.
  • to suffer.
  • not be equal.

How to Spot Captain Hook?

His favorite words.

Captain Hook has a specific vocabulary

  • He often speaks of the time or implicitly asks us to wait, “I’m not ready yet”, “I know we’re meant for each other but for now I’m too young / I want to have fun “etc.. etc. ….
  • He often speaks to the future, we are projecting the idea of future past two times but when it comes to pass reality escapes at the last minute. “When I see it done this or that,” “as soon as I get back I’ll come see you.”
  • It uses the language related to regret as if he could change anything at this time, in his mind, nothing is possible between us, “I would not have done that” “I should have called you I’m sorry “” I would have loved to be together (but …) “,” I’m not me well behaved with you (meaning “I do not deserve you”)

Its most common attitudes.

  • He disappears and reappears when it sings. This is one of the main personality traits of captain, he feels free as air and found it quite normal to have disappeared from our lives without giving any new for several months, even years and reappear as if nothing had happened!
  • It is not available to us when we contacted him, Captain Hook is indifferent limit in any case not as interested as if it was he who took a step towards us, he sometimes even not meet our calls or messages.
  • He wants to be at his disposal when he contacted us is different, that he would drop everything to meet him, he wants a shot to become the center of the world. If you do not respond, he challenges us to do we respond: “What happened?” “Why do not you answer me” “you make me head?”?. Or, it will multiply the ways to contact us, if you do not answer the phone for example we will send an email … Basically, it is like a child who needs to be given full attention …
  • We prefer Available: when Captain Hook announcement that he is single gets scared and runs away. If by-cons told him we’re a couple, there is much more attractive in his eyes away and he began to tell us how he likes it and is interested …

How to react to Captain Hook?

Now that you have identified the hooks captains, we will see how to react to them because some can become invasive.

Do not get excited!

Reproach anything to Captain Hook is really a waste of energy. Already because he did not have the feeling of doing wrong or do we hope. Some would say they promised us nothing and think they will say they are right.

Others will go into denial, saying “I do not know what you’re talking about, there is no problem, I love you a lot.” Again, this kind of words can give hope (for nothing) to a loving daughter of Captain Hook. Their catch, they take these captains and they will do everything to preserve it!

Do not ignore them!

Ignoring them will come back strong. Hooks captains love challenges! They will try to contact us several times, and some even harass us and when we show them again the interest eventually flee (as usual).

The solution is to play their game!

I have known many captains hook and I decided rather than as potential boyfriends to see them as mere friends. Reflecting this way simplifies our relationship with Captain Hook in the sense that no words, no gesture of his hand will reach us. When you consider someone as a friend, even if he tries to subtly seduce us it will have no effect on us, so it’s a good way to preserve it.

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