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Blue glitter nail design with tutorial

Hello girls, I hope you are enjoying this loooong weekend to take care of you! From my side motivation almost left me, I saturate be forced to use wacky tricks to successfully take pictures so little light … It’s frustrating to have sublime varnish that just require some rays sun to be! And no, the sun mocks me, he’s shy and my glitter cry. I still tried to take some pictures of my nail art of the day, but without much conviction (BSOD I will take the sun, Be sure it deserves Sooo we have, in order: Base Purple Grey . at Peggy Sage (sent by the brand for review) Peggy Sage Some are really difficult to ask so I was a little scared but it all went well, provided you follow the same rule with the Bourjois: the FINE layers and a little patience between history to allow the varnish to dry a bit the way, since I was asked the question. I raised the small label on the bottle to see if it contained formaldehyde and priori, this is not the case! It seems that this is some hardening of the brand that are composed. Bwef!


Once that was done I was not quite convinced by the use of tape, being almost sure that with a wise peggy below, even “almost” dry, everything was tearing. (Experience my children experience) So I drew my scraps square with the brush of Pretty Serious. Their brush does not have a rounded tip so it can do things (almost) straight without much kill the task! And you’ll notice that my rehab of nail art pen begins today: I did not identify my little black shapes! Youhouuu! It’s hard, I remember, but every day without understanding is a small victory that leads to healing, and I trust my friends support me in this event. (Well, it seems!)

Bsod Pretty Serious Purple & Grey Peggy Sage

Hehe those subscribers probably will recognize the cover art computer received in Geeky My Little Box of March! I’m not box you know, at least I never did approach me to subscribe probably because I hear too much about every month, but this time it’s a gift that I ‘I had the MLB team. So I was super excited to discover its contents and I was not disappointed: A Klorane Dry Shampoo, a pencil for MLB eyes, gloss by Terry (that are cosmetos stuff) and all accompanied by a cover for my laptop so, of stickers for keyboard, a cute little book with great illustrations, etc … Anyway, a box lifestyle more than beauty, and it suits me well as cosmetic issue j ‘ like to choose my stuff myself (and yes, I confess here and now: I am addicted to a ALSO eye pencils, foundation and other mascaras that promise eyelashes princess in one pass) while lifestyle issue I am ready to find things more easily. I leave you the link to their website in case, those who do not know (there?) would discover the world!Bsod Pretty Serious Purple & Grey Peggy SageBsod Pretty Serious Purple & Grey Peggy Sage

Bsod Pretty Serious Purple & Grey Peggy Sage

Regarding Tux, it’s actually a black lacquer (presumably covering two layers, but I have used in nail art) dotted with small oil particles, one can see the blue then, and green reflections. But only when the light is waiting for you, of course. Basically this is the style I wear polish, although dark, although rock, everything I love! Warning against by, the love to be distinguished color, go your way, it is the same bracket as the Gothic Beauties of England A and therefore does not fit all nailistas 😉

Bsod Pretty Serious Purple & Grey Peggy Sage

Good and BSOD, we talk or what is not even worth so it is too good! (By the way, it was fun to wear in BSOD while I took pictures of My Geeky little box as BSOD means Blue Screen Of Death, the blue screen is displayed on the PC when they are permanently dead. Moi it not happen to me, the mac are nice on that side!) It’s frustrating these images, I look but I do not see the magic that I see when I look at my hands true, it really missing a trick.Frustration! In true blue is a little more turquoise and a lot more bright and sparkly! I laid in two layers, it is smooth after passing basic topcoat (I mean he does not drink the topcoat as other nail glitter can do it!).Good withdrawal issue, I myself am not yet risky but I put my hand to cut (though I hold to my hand) it will have to go through the foil step given the density of glitter … I finally I found it worth it ^ ^. I do not know to explain how I had a crush on this polish is also a swatch of him at the corner of the internet that made me discover the brand and crack on other bottles . He returned to the family is in love with sequins at random Beyond Cosy Essie, Rosie Lee and Henley Regatta in Butter, and all their friends that send small straw covering in fact! These girls, I hope my day ticket please you, I wish you a good Easter Sunday hoping that Santa spoils you (bin yes, we never saw a rabbit giving gifts, open your eyes a little !).



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