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Blush – Factsheet

We reveal all the secrets of makeup with blush.

Different types of blush

The blush is a makeup product that applies on the cheeks to give a healthy glow. If once the blush is most often presented in the form of loose powder, today it exists in different textures.

Loose powder, compact powder, cream, stick, foam … we can say that matter blush, each may have a preference!But how do the best choice?

The blush powder, loose or compact, is certainly the best known and most widely used. It is particularly suitable for combination and oily skin, much less for dry skin.

The blush cream stick and foam are generally intended for normal to dry skin, because most moisturizers. They apply to one specific act.

It carries more easily and are more convenient, but if not to miss, as it would then require to cleansing (removal of the foundation ) and is completely remaquiller skin.


Choose the right blush

As with all cosmetics, in general, to choose the color of her blush, we must take into account the color of his face, his complexion in particular.

Thus, light skin will prefer pale pink shades for a natural result. Dull complexions opt for apricot, tanned skin for terracotta and black skins for the plum colors or flashy.

For a natural, simple and dull colors are preferred. Result for a sophisticated evening in particular, we can choose an iridescent blush or a little darker than its usual color.

When blush is visible, we opt for a lipstick or gloss in a similar shade, or discrete, so as not to look like a clown! Side eyeshadow, we also try to have a light hand …

Note that in the choice of the color of blush, eye color or hair does not usually. However, the blue eyes are highlighted by a pink blush, brown eyes and a green blush apricot, black eyes with a blush iridescent …


While applying the blush

There is a very clever general technique to properly apply the blush, but again, depending on the desired result, the application will be different.

When opting for a blush cream, stick or foam, no need accessories, fingers enough. However, for the purposes of a powder, it is necessary to have a good blush brush. A buy in supermarkets or institutions for ten euros.

There is a simple trick and well known for its successful application: smile face in a mirror and place the product on the cheeks in relief, with a light hand and spreading it well. This technique works 99% of time and allows for a natural result.

Blush but can also help correct small defects of the face. For example by applying a little darker than your foundation, the hollow cheeks, upwards ears, it gives the illusion of a thinner face.

Face seem shorter if the blush is applied horizontally, taking into account our trick. A square face will look more feminine blush deposited with round cheeks, as “doll”.


Blush - Factsheet

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