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Bridal Hairstyle: hair treatments before marriage

Hair treatments before marriage
Hair treatments before marriage

The choice of hairstyle is important because it illuminates the whole toilet of the bride. But it is also essential that the hair is shiny, bright and healthy. You have the prettiest beautiful hair, if your hair look dry and vitality, the guests will remember and forget that every effort yet made in choice of hairstyle. To prevent a tragedy like this, here are some tips to treat your hair until your wedding day.
The ideal is to start taking care of her hair a month before the big day, so you will have time to arrange an appointment with your hairdresser. It can then address the concerns of cutting, color or do you care cream base. Each hair type has its own treatment. For dry hair , for example, it will apply a special shampoo and nourishing creams. Thus, your hair will look shiny and soft. For those who have very curly hair, it is advisable to start the smooth throughout the months prior to your wedding. Thus, it will adapt easily to the hairstyle you choose .


To be sure to have the perfect hair on your wedding day, I recommend you organize an evening with friends or go out with your fiancé to test the ability of holding your beautiful hair.In addition, you’ll get the opinions of your friends and your lover, always well advised to be sure to shine on the day of your wedding. In addition, I suggest you take a photo of your hair the day of the test, all angles. On the wedding day, it will help your hairstylist to do exactly what you want or show him what you want to change.


Hair shiny and full of vitality for the Day

Hair shiny and full of vitality for the Day

The wedding day preparations begin at noon, when the bride begins her beauty treatments. Treatment depends on the hairstyle you intend to do. An expert explains: “We are the brides face masks, massage, they wash their hair, apply their care and after that, we blow-drying, leaving hair ready for the base that will be made later in the afternoon ”

With the hair ready to be styled, the bride goes to the place where it will change. Join after the hairdresser to finish the job started in the morning. In response to the question of the best time to wash your hair, professionals explain that for oily hair, it is best to wash in the morning of the wedding day then it will do the day before for dry hair. When the hairdresser arrives in the room where the bride gets ready, it will mean that there will be more than a few hours before the big moment. From there, it remains to be the bride’s more relaxing watching the professionals do their job …

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