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Brown eyes makeup

For all brown eyes there, this is perfect for you. The combined colors that give jerks brown eyes and makes them look brown. But do not limit yourself, it works for every eye color and still look amazing!

Products used: Bitten, tit, corrupt, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Immortal

Place Cosmopolitan rose gold shade inside where one third of the lower eyelid.
Then go with Bitten and place it on the side third, taking care to mix the colors found.
Use in the outer third of the eye color of the mixture up slightly damaged, but not in the crease.
Mix tit on the inner half of the crease to ensure the pen in hard lines.
Go with the glamor and use in the outer half of the lid.
Use a clean brush to blend all lines.
Glamorous Burr under the lower eyelid
The topsheet ciliary immortal line creating a light line of the wing and on the outside of the bottom line of ciliary in 1/3 of the way burrs in color.
Curl lashes and add a couple of big lashes and mascara favorite.
Brown eyes makeup



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