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Burn Fat – The Best Fat Burner

The Fat Burner Diet pursues the idea that certain foods burn the fat of the body positively affect and reduce weight without exercising or reducing caloric intake is possible.

Fat burners are substances that can stimulate the body’s burning of fat.From the body some Fatburner as somatotropin itself and glucagon are produced, other such as L-carnitine, vitamin C, magnesium, and caffeine are found in foods.There are also various artificial fat burners, which are taken from synthetic and natural substances in liquid, powder or in Talbettenform for food.Especially in the area to reduce the weight and body building, they are used as a support.By many nutritionists and physicians are directly intended effect of fat burners is doubted.

Burn fat with carnitine
A hot tip is to burn fat carnitine, substance transports fatty acids to the muscle cells, where the combustion takes place.More Carnitine accelerates fat loss and improved transportation.Scientists have found that the body itself produces carnitine, an excess is simply excreted by the kidneys.Carnitine is recommended as a supplement to achieve a better turnover of fatty acids.The metabolism in obesity is generally adjusted to the physical performance.

Fat burning with coffee
The fat pad may also be affected by caffeine.The energy consumption is boosted and the cycle is gaining momentum, making the fat cells melt.This is easily perceived correctly but only when large quantities here, it can also be sweating, nervousness, tremors and sleep disturbances.

Fat burning with thyroid hormones
The hormones act on the circulatory system and the heart, they lead to increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and a dilatation of the vessels.You increase sales and thus appear on the binding, sugar and fat metabolism.The activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands of the skin and the activity of the intestinal motility and increased the hormones in the nervous system lead to an increased excitability of the cell.By the action of the basal metabolic rate of the body and its energy consumption increases, this results in a rise in body temperature.

Fat burning with synephrine
Synephrine is found in bitter orange and is an alkaloid.Chemically and pharmacologically related to ephedrine, synephrine is.This bitter orange extract is used as a dietary supplement and this should help with fat burning.The Synephrine is also used as ergogenic and metabolic stimulant use.As a replacement for the now prescription ephedrine is used increasingly in the U.S..
Burn Fat - The Best Fat Burner

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