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Business Casual Dresses Attire For Men And Women 2014

Business casuals are those outfits that are not completely formal wear, but can still be worn appropriately in an office or work place. Hence comfort is one of most important factors in business casual dress code. This is one of the important aspect of personal presentation to get right as it can affect your chances of getting a promotion, being taken more seriously at work and even the amount of bonus heading your way. After all first impressions is always a last impressions. Every office has its own business casual dress code, which one must require with the concerned department before joining.

Business Casual Dresses Attire For Men and Women 2014

Here in this post, i am sharing with you business casual dresses attire for men and women both. Let’s check out the post below

Business Casual Dresses Attire For Women:

Business casual dresses for women include formal Capri pants with semi formal full sleeves or quarter sleeve shirts. Make sure that these Capri pants are not denim but a lighter shaded cotton pants. The pants must also not be too tight or extremely loose. Choose a size that looks good on you and doesn’t appear a casual wear. Women can also wear a formal corduroy pants with semi formal collared shirts. Footwear that goes best with any business casual dresses for women are semi-formal boots with or without straps towards the back.

Business Casual Dresses Attire For Men:

Business casual dresses for men include the very famous cotton trousers or khaki pants. Try to wear light colored cotton pants instead of the bold and dark ones. Shirts to be worn with these trousers would be collared semi-formal shirts in plain dark colors that match with the color of the trousers. To give a more relaxed look to your entire attire, try to wear a dark colored shirt with a light colored trouser or vice versa. Business casual dresses for men would be a pair of jeans that goes very well with a tee-shirt and a formal or semi-formal jacket. This office wear looks extremely well but during a hot weather the jacket could be a little uncomfortable, so better to choose tees and shirts. Footwear for men would include a suede and leather shoes in dark colors. Avoid to wearing sneakers or any other kind of casual footwear.

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