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Can Remove moles – how is that?

Can be only one remove moles from a specialist doctor, never bend to the birthmarks even be cut around

Everyone has moles, plays the age and gender do not matter.These times may occur all over the body and face and are generally harmless growths.With increasing time, the times vary in shape and color, it also plays an important role in UV radiation.Throughout life, some birthmarks disappear by itself and some added.Many moles are bothersome for patients, so these patients can remove the moles.Birthmarks change frequently, they are black, or suddenly seem larger bulging, so they must be watched carefully.A mole removed is one of the standard procedures, and there is the possibility of removal by laser or surgical removal, both of which are very short and uncomplicated.The laser methods may only be performed if skin cancer can be completely ruled out.

The birthmark removal
Anyone who wants to remove moles, the first step leading to a dermatologist, in which a first consultation takes place, so that the marks can be judged.Small interventions can often be carried out locally, otherwise the skin doctors make recommendations.A specialist with surgical training provides the greatest safety, because he has expertise and experience.Risks such as burns, unsightly incisions or excessive scarring can be prevented.By a beautician or a general practitioner, you really must not in any case remove the moles.Before the patient can remove the moles, they should give up a few days before blood thinning agent, alcohol, and nicotine.Excessive blood flow and reduced blood flow are an obstacle for subsequent healing.The distance itself is straightforward and very briefly, after ten minutes, a birthmark removed and the wound treated.
Surgically remove moles can

In this brief operation no general anesthesia is used, it is sufficient a local anesthetic.Of course, in an anxious patient who had a lot of moles to be removed at once, general anesthesia is offered.In the surgery, the skin is separated around the time and cut generously.It might be removed too pigmented, located under the top layer of skin tissue layers.In general, the cut takes place without large scars, then the wound is sutured and supplied.

Remove by laser birthmarks can
This method is used only on healthy skin and without cuts.There may be a local anesthetic, usually the engagement is however without great pain.The laser is directed at the affected area, and the laser beam hits the skin.An artificial inflammation is caused by the cells after the extremely high light energy is absorbed.The color pigments are dispersed literally.This process takes some time, thus is the final result after days or even weeks visible.With a bandage or a special cream to the treated skin is later.

Can Remove moles - how is that?

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